Monday, August 15, 2016

Piracy and the Readers

Let's all say it, Piracy Sucks!
For the authors it sucks due to lost revenue.
For the readers it sucks due to book prices having to go up to make up for lost revenue. 
For Bloggers it sucks due to authors not wanting to be ripped off,  so ARC's are not offered like they use to be.
Why am I stating the obvious?
For the fact that if it wasn't for the 10,000's readers stealing these books by going on the pirate sites and downloading them, they wouldn't have a demand.

Stop and think about it. If you were sitting at your desk, or cooking dinner, or working the line and I walked up and put my hand in your pocket, what would you do?
I know I'd stop you any way possible! So why is it alright to do it to authors?
I have read comments about they are NYT and USA Today Bestsellers,  so they have made millions (would that be nice if that was true for all authors!).  
I've read where someone has said it was just a Ebook, so what is the big deal?
I've read well it was too much and I wanted to read it!
Are you serious?
I want a million dollars, but it isn't mine to take.
I want a pair of  Louis Vuitton, but they are not mine to steal.
I can't afford a damn Lamborghini, but it is not mine to drive away with!
Get the point?

Let's take a little trip together. You are the author and not the reader.
You come up with what you think is an amazing story. You are so excited to share it with others because in your heart you think they will enjoy it.  So now you sit months on end researching, developing and writing your masterpiece. So let's say 3 months (because you don't have a outside life). Wow, you know you have a winner here! 
Hmmmm, now what? 
Well you have to have at least one cover for a Ebook. Need a editor. Need it formatted. Need a distributor. Need, need, and need! All these things cost money.  Let's say you have decided to self publish. Unless you have a fairy godmother, then you have to pay to have all those basic and I mean basic things to be done.

Let's break it down. 
Ebook distributor take anywhere between 30 - 60% (depending on what you price at)
How's your cover coming? $150 - $800
Did you find an editor? $300 - $1000 depends how long it is.
Need to format that puppy! $75 - $250
This does not include any website cost or marketing cost, not to mention you applying for the copyright and your IBSN that you must have. This is just the barebones.
Out of pocket $1000+ for a basic novella.
(I know there are authors reading this and laughing and saying I wish I only spent a $1000!)

Remember you are a new author and you don't have a hell of a lot readers following, so you have to make sure you don't price yourself out. First book and it's a novella. Let's price at $0.99, so you can build up that following! You are making about $0.30 to $0.35 per sale. You have to sell over 3000 books just to cover you basics!!! I have friends, but dang not that many! So you say, "Well I will charge more!". Hmmm, not that easy. You can try, but as a new author not everyone will pay a higher price for a new author without knowing their work. Don't forget I never stated what your time was worth for those hours you took out of your lives to write you masterpiece.
Those hours away from your family. Your  life.  Your shower!!!
Aren't those worth something? 

Look, you are the reader, the consumer.  If you can't afford it, libraries are free. Yet alone you can go on the retailers and there are tons of authors that offer you free book! Might not be the book you were looking for,  but this will let you find new authors and books while you save up for the one you want.  And for the love of all, don't have the attitude that the author should give it to you!  They don't owe you as a reader anything, but to put out the best book of their abilities!

It is all very simple, if you don't download from these piracy sites, then they don't have a reason to be there. Yes, it is the consumer that feeds these sites. That's the bottom line. 
By the way, congratulations on your new book! 😉
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