Sunday, July 23, 2017

Marked by Love: Zodiac Shifters - Taurus by Rosalie Redd

Marked by Love: Zodiac Shifters - Taurus by Rosalie Redd

A male from her past…forever marked by love.

Rogue Panthera shifter Aramond scouts for enemies on the outskirts of the Keep’s territory, home to his daughter and her mate. While on the prowl he encounters a female from his past, one who etched an unstoppable ache deep in his soul. As she opens old wounds and another rogue male enters her life, Aramond must overcome his fears and set aside both their pasts if he is to win her heart.

Danae runs a safe house, offering sanctuary to Panthera warriors in need. She tends their wounds, offers up a good meal and a place to rest, but keeps them at arms-length to protect her battered spirit still healing after the death of her mate. When Aramond, the sexy loner who’d captured her heart long ago resurfaces in her life, it will take all her will-power not to give in to the burning desire he ignites in her soul.


She held her breath.     5 BAKED COOKIES


Time seemed to slow.  This encounter will change my life…one way or another.  He was dangerous in an exciting, primal way.  She was forever imprinted in his memory.  Sugar and spice and everything nice. Indeed.   

What a FANGTASTIC story!  

I was blown away by just how PAWESOME every little aspect of it is!!   It's a fairly quick read, but don't let that fool you!  There is plenty of story, lots of action & romance and even a couple of fights too!  

With the vivid, lush descriptions, I truly felt like I could see, hear & feel everything just like the characters do!  

Rosalie has this way of telling her story that just brings it to life around you!  And those panther shifters - pardon me, Panthera - are so magical, so powerful, so cool and COMPLETELY FURRIFIC!!  Everything they can do, how they shift, their traits, the "Panthera Way" of how mates, newcomers and just how the Pride is run.  

I was instantly captivated with Danae, wanting to understand her & her fears, and it sure didn't take long before I was connected with her, totally living the story as her!  Then along comes Aramond... *dreamy sigh*  Oh he had me smitten from the start and I couldn't see how Danae was going to resist me!  But she did...until she didn't!  LOL  

I like to think I helped influence her to trust Aramond.  wink  

With Rosalie's captivating storytelling, wholly unique Pantheras, multifaceted characters and her enriched, detailed descriptions, my attention was immediately grabbed & pounced upon, and wasn't released until I reached 'The End'!!  

In fact, I was so intrigued & fascinated with the story and Rosalie's phenomenal talent, genuine gift and mad writing skills, I am now more eager than ever before to read ALL of her books as soon as possible!!  (I can't believe I have waited this long!!  *kicks self*)




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