Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Mary Moriarty

Book Description 

Justice di Bagnoregio, a fallen angel turned into a creature of the night... has happily served his kings for thousands of years. The one thing he lacked was a mate. 
One night under a full moon he is given a precious gift... Dylan Pendragon, the witching. Only to lose her under another full moon. 
Justice enlist the help of every available vampire, witch, dragon and warmblood human to help get back what was taken from him... 
The Beloved vampires from past stories return and unite to help their brother in arms. Some also find their mate, but at what cost? 
Evil forces will also unite to try and bring about a power so wicked, maybe even the combined forces of vampires and witches won't be strong enough to fight it. 
Only time will tell.

Thoughts by Cherri-Anne 

5 Stars

Her Protector by Mary Moriarty

She was truly the one        


WOW & WHEW!  What a GREAT book!!!  I find it so interesting that while the book may focus on one main story arc throughout, in this case, rescuing Dylan, there is also a LOT more going on!  I love the variety of magical creatures!  From Vampires to Witches, who must learn to get along with each other, to dragons to hell hounds/dogs, this book has it!  There is even a Goddess that makes an appearance or 5!  I love that prior characters are also included!  I love being able to not only revisit them again, but also to catch up and see how they are doing, as well as to see if they have expanded, or further expanded, their families.  Reading this is like Mary’s telling the story of a family or 3 families, more about a couple of different species rather than “just” 2 people finding their mate, with no regard if they are vampire, witch, etc.  OR should I say - regardless if they are a vampire or witch!!!  I also love how Mary takes these books to a whole new level!  She takes these “common” creatures and makes them all her own!  Witches are way more than just spell casting, broom riding, pimply old Hags. (LOL)  The Vampires, while being immortal and surviving on blood, also have their own powers and abilities.  I love how the Vampires know who their Mate is and how it all affects them once they have…well, mated with their Mate!  And that the vampires can actually have babies!  AWESOME!  I find that Mary’s stories, while having love, mates, romance and hot sex, there is a whole other layer to them that takes it along a darker level.  This gives the books a depth that allows for a much more intricate story line that can flow over the course of multiple books, even blend two of her series perfectly into one helluva read that you do NOT want to miss!!!


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