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Diane Saxon

Banshee Seduction (Montgomery’s Sin Book 1) by Diane Saxon


Sweet, shy librarian Ginny has a problem. Whenever passion strikes, so do the weeping, wailing voices in her head. Being half banshee, she’s already run screaming from the underworld and her female relatives, believing love will find a way with patience and faith on planet Earth. 

The trouble is, humans just aren’t man enough, and every time Ginny shows interest in a male, she makes him bleed. It’s going to take more than just a simple human being to get past Ginny’s defenses. 

Matthew, “The Dane,” fullback for the New York Chameleons, knows the moment he meets the little fireball that she’s his mate. For two hundred years he and his dragon have waited for a female capable of setting their world on fire. Problem is, he doesn’t seem to be able to stop her from going up in flames long enough to prove he’s more than man enough for her screaming banshee. 

Will Matt ever be able to convince Ginny she’s his mate? And will Ginny get Matt alone long enough to let him appreciate her pyrotechnics?

Thought by Cherri Ann 

My rating = 5 stars


COLOR ME SEDUCED!!   5 stars


First off, in case you happened to see my preliminary review before I replaced it with this one, I wanted to clarify that it was NOT the book that put me to sleep!  It was the combination of a couple of very late nights, with hardly any sleep and the meds I had taken to help combat the symptoms of the stomach flu!  In fact, there is NO POSSIBLE WAY you could fall asleep reading this book!  It is just too terrific!!!  Now on to my review!!

 OH MY CINDERS!  How awesome is this story?!?  Let me try to tell you without giving anything away!!  To start, I have never read a story where a banshee takes center stage, let alone in a romance story!  In fact I don't think I have ever read a story where there was a banshee that was anything but a minor BAD character!  That is the first clue that this story is going to be a unique one.  The second clue is that her mate is a football playing dragon!  A dragon that has a banshee for a mate!?  Well, you start reading this book and BAM!  Next thing you know, hours have gone by without you even realising it because you are so mesmerised by this great book that you couldn’t put it down…until you are forced to by those two little words most hated by any reader: THE END!  Ginny is one adorable character that I loved from the very start!  I wanted to be friends with her and protect her!  “She was going to be a brave banshee.”  Then you have Matt who has had everything & everyone handed to him and he has no idea how to handle Ginny who isn’t throwing herself at him! “She was his mate. The keeper of his soul.”  This book just grabs you with both wings & claws, firmly abs-conds with you into this vamp of a hot & fiery rom-com that just screams "READ ME NOW"!!  It is so fangtastically unique, positively a dream with its drool-worthy hot & sexy moments, its looong.. deep.... hard....ummm, where was I? *fans self*  errrr, um, ya...  it's a wail of a story that just poofs you into an entirely new & sparkly place that you can't bare to leave!  Banshee Seduction is a shoe-in to be flying up to the top of the charts and making Diane one very rich & famous author!!  She definitely did not just go half-way with this one!  Diane takes us on a fullback devil of an adventure with Matt & Ginny, who he discovers almost right away that she is his mate!  But now he needs a wing & a prayer to convince Ginny that he wants more than just a roll on the floor with her.  Even though she is an angel at times, Ginny is all fired up over Matt but he needs to work that nice, tight, sexy, denim-covered butt off to prove that he does love her & that he will go to hell & back for her!  (Read the book, then come back to re-read this part of my review as it will take on a whole new meaning!  LOL)  There's a ton of great humor of all kinds ranging from sarcastic to naughty & dirty and everything in between!  There is quite a variety of paranormal stuffed inside from different species, to places, to powers, etc.  Then you have the hotness, the Prince Charming - NOT! More like an arrogant SOB – at first, but there's also great friends that include a bestie that gets a kick out of scaring you time & again, and your agent who is all of a sudden acting weirder than a giant pure white feather just appearing out of nowhere, twisted family members that you could never tell if they were being supportive or not, there is mystery, subterfuge, and oh so much, much more!!  You could make a checklist of everything you want to find in one great paranormal romance, but you will find that this one will tick off all the boxes & then some!!!  Now let me clarify for a second here.  When I say that it is funny, I mean that the humorous moments were full-on-burst-out-laughing-until-you-cry moments!!  When Matt was trying to decide what to wear and gets to the underwear part - I thought I was going to pass out it was so effen hilarious!!  And then the shower scene comes along, or the part where...well, there are too many to list!!  But as funny as this is, it is also as equally hot!  Like explode-into-fireballs hot!  The absolute best part though?  Diane has taken all of these parts (and more) to masterfully create this well written storyline that is an awesomely rich & surprisingly deep paranormal romance that everyone will love!!  Diane is one astronomically talented author whose writing style makes for a very engrossing narrative that flows so fluidly & perfectly, it allows her to get really creative and have all of these different aspects, characters, species, qualities, etc. while also being able to flirt with a deep & rich storyline that is at the same time pee your pants hilarious!  I have found that sometimes having all of this going on at one time, can get overwhelming, confusing, just “too much” or even worse, it actually works against itself to ruin the book.  That is NOT the case at all with Diane’s Banshee Seduction!  In fact, it is exactly the polar opposite – it all works TOGETHER to produce a story that I cannot get enough of!!!  She has taken some popular paranormals and made them all her own just by giving them different abilities, traits, habits, histories, etc.  I just about choked when I read about Matt's 'kryptonite'!!  Freakin' awesome!!   This is only the second book of Diane's that I have read and I adore her different writing styles because they beautifully display just how diverse & creative of a person & author she is.  It also makes me want to run my fingers on over to my favorite ebook store and snatch up all of her books to read while waiting on the next Montgomery's Sin books to be released!!  I am utterly, completely & wholeheartedly blown away with just how awesome this story truly is!  Diane is one phenomenally gifted author who will forever remain in my newly created ebook shelf aptly titled “Fantastic Authors & Books Worth Reading Over & Over Again!”.  I cannot wait to see where this series will take us next!!  In fact I hope that Diane has plans to continue this series for at least another dozen books at the very minimum!! hint hint (no pressure though!) :)  YOU GOTTA READ THIS!! 


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