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Terry Bolryder

Beary Sexy: A BBW Werebear Boxed Set by Terry Bolryder


Three hot, rich bears, all here for your enjoyment in one giant set! A Billionaire, a celebrity, and an athlete find their curvy mates in this set of three full-length novels by bestselling author Terry Bolryder. 

Ryder Hart is the quintessential billionaire bear. As the owner of one of the world’s largest tech conglomerates, he’s hoping his stay in Bearstone Park is going to be quick and decisive- just how he likes to do business. But everything changes when he meets a curvy accountant in the small mountain village, and he knows immediately that she is his mate. But even if the sexy billionaire may rule the conference room, he still needs to convince his newfound mate that he’ll do anything to keep her for himself. 

Riley Hart may be a world famous actor, but the life of glitz and glamor and riches is starting to get old. By chance, Riley is visiting Bearstone Park, in town for the wedding of his older brother Ryder, when he meets the owner of the local bar, Leslie Jones?. After an unexpected rescue, Riley decides to stay in town to lend Leslie a hand. In no time at all, the sparks fly between the two of them. But when Riley starts to figure out that Leslie is the only one for him, and that he wants more than just a casual fling, the two of them will have to figure out how far they’re willing to go for each other before Rileys’ time in Bearstone runs out. 

Ryan Hart is a man who knows what he wants. As a world-renowned snowboarder, he always competes at the top of his game. And everything would be perfect, if not for a short, curvy woman with blonde hair and blue eyes that he can’t seem to get out of his head. But when a terrible accident during an off-season event forces him into what look like an early retirement, Ryan doesn’t know what to do next. Until the same sassy woman that’s been chasing him relentlessly shows up at his doorstep, this time to get him back on his feet. Will Ryan finally realize his true feelings for the sassy Kiley, or will his own self-doubt get the better of him?


Thoughts by Cherri-Anne

My rating = 5 GOLD PAWS




The phenomenally talented Terry has written three FURRIFICALLY yummy stories about the Hart brothers that you are so BEARY, BEARY much going to enjoy!  Join them on their road to finding their mates and living their Happily Ever After Furry Tails.  How hard can it be?  They are BEARY hot.  They are BEARY rich.  But man, they are just a little bit on the clueless side when it comes to wooing a mate, especially when their impatient bears try to take control!


Here is what I had to say about each book:


Bearllionaire – Do you believe in love at first sight?  5 PAWS UP


The heart wants what it wants.  When he saw her, he knew it was forever.  WHAT A HONEY OF A STORY!!  What a GRRREAT story! BEARY entertaining!  PAWSITIVELY captivating!  YES!  I loved this one BEARY much!  Having two wonderful people find just what & who they are looking for, when they need it, is always a happy story, but for those same people to not know that's what they needed/wanted turns a good story into a PAWFECT one!  Especially if it is written by Terry!  Terry always has a great sense of humor added into her books via puns, sarcasm, play on words, double meanings & outright jokes, but I think she outdid herself this time!  I loved the naughty word play the most, like how hard it would be to fill such large shoes.  snicker  While there isn't a lot of shifting in here, the relationship & communication between Ryder and his bear more than make up for it entertainment-wise.  I love the bears 'inner cave man style' of trying to woo (or not woo, actually) Janna!  BEARY hilarious!!  And with Janna's feisty personality, well let’s just say that Ryder had to fight for his mate - tooth & claw.  tee hee  Book after book, Terry still is able to amaze me, captivate me, make me laugh, cry, hope & wish for - and with - the BEARY lucky couple to find their Happily Ever After.  This one is no different!  I am always blown away by Terry's phenomenal talent and the romantic magic that you can find in every single one of her books, time and again, book after book, and yet no two books are the same.  That is exactly why I love Terry and her books and why I am always eager to read each book as soon as it is released!


Bearlebrity – He was all man. Well, half bear.   5 GOLDEN PAWS


Damn, he was dazzlingly handsome.  She was luscious, just like he liked his women.  WOW!  What a rush!  I had no idea how Terry was going to work her magic to give Riley and Leslie their story, but WOW!  Work her magic she did!  So many runs on the emotional roller coaster that had me laughing, gasping, nervous, crying happy and sad tears, but HOLY did my heart break for Riley!  Hysterical sobbing actually.  Even just thinking about it gets me bawling again!  What an amazingly deep & intense history to both Riley and Leslie.  They end up being exactly what the other needs.  Of course, they do have help from siblings and best friends to see that, along with help of the furry kind too.  "So, it’s like, my mind is just blown."  I know exactly what you mean Riley!  I feel like that with each and every book of Terry's that I read!  Hey!  Riley!  Errr, Terry, I mean!  You stole some of my lines at the end there!  I guess I will just grin & bear it.  After all it is unbearably funny.  No claws for concern.  All in grrrreat fun, right?  hahahaahaaa  Seriously though!  This is a fantastic story that went a little darker than some, but it was also so sweetly romantic!  I would never have guessed that, but that is one of the numerous reasons that I love Terry & her books!  Being able to be surprised, amazed, blown-away, all while becoming a part of the story yourself all because the storyline is captivating, the characters relatable, loveable and someone you could picture yourself being, that is not something every author can do.  Terry can and does, book after book.  Phenomenal talent like that is not easy find these days, or if you do come across it, it is not present in all of that authors books.  I have read quite a few of Terry's and that talent, that awesomeness, that 'grab you & pull you right into the story until you feel like you are living the story' presence is there in EVERY. SINGLE. BOOK.


Bearthlete – In the battle for her heart, he was taking home the gold.  I want to be your hero, Kylie.  5 GOLD BEAR PAWS

You’re hot, Ry, but you aren’t everything.  Damn, she was beautiful.  WHOA!!  Talk about an opening chapter!  I couldn't put the book down even if I wanted to!  Which I didn't and neither will you!  WOW!!!  What a FURTASTIC story!!  I love how it all played out and am so thrilled that Ryan & Kylie got one helluva happy ending!  I was so shocked & surprised at some of the events or things we learnt about Ryan and Kylie!  I totally didn’t seen some of them coming at all!  Of course, that is yet one more reason why this book (and all of Terry’s) are so BEARY FURRIFIC!  From what I knew of Kylie from the other two books (Bearllionaire & Bearlebrity) I was expecting a different kind of story, but trust me!  In no way, shape or form was I disappointed!  In fact, quite the opposite!!  I came to LOVE Kylie, loved her personality & fortitude and was so proud of her for…ACK!  I can’t tell you why!  Just like Bearlebrity, this one had a darker part to it, but it made everything more intense, more captivating and made the Happily Ever After part that much more meaningful.  I loved the appearances & updates on the other couples as well, especially since this book took place about a year after the other two.  I want to say so much more about Ryan and Kylie's story but I can't!  At least not without giving spoilers which I refuse to do!  Suffice it to say that this has all of the parts & pieces that I love about Terry's books.  Like humor, friendship, romance, happy tears, sad tears (although thankfully not the hysterical sobbing like in Bearlebrity!), smoking-hot, snow-melting, adventurous "mating" that definitely had its own share of surprises & twists to it.  I was so deeply submerged into the story that I felt like I was right there with Ryan & Kylie, heck that I WAS Kylie, experiencing it all with them, on the mountains, loving the snow, seeing the beauty, their friendship all the way through to their own HEA, and everything in between!  (I think I was even sore from trying to snowboard as Kylie!  LOL)  Of course with Terry's phenomenal talent, it is all PAWFECTLY interwoven with one heck of a storyline that had me reading this all in one go, then going back and re-reading it!  At the risk of being repetitive, Terry has outdone herself with this one!!  I know I say that after almost every book, but IT IS SO BEARY TRUE!  It truly does take an exceptionally gifted author to be able to write so many books and be able to keep them all fresh, exciting and unique.  I have read quite a few of Terry's books but I have yet to find one book of hers that reminds me of, or is similar to the plot of another one of her books.  




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