Saturday, March 19, 2016

Show Some Love!!!

Below is an amazing list of authors that need some love. 
It is also a great way to find some new reads!

Authors That Need Likes

Indie Author Erin Trejo:

Krystal White:

Geri Glenn:

Jacqueline M. Sinclair:

Leela Lou Dahlin:

Tracey Jane Jackson:

Sierra Rayne:

Nikki Belaire:

Erin Osborne:

Cree Nations:

Liberty Parker:

Debbie Allen:

Jane Harvey-Berrick:

Nia Farrell:

Tracey Champion:

Krihstin Zink:

Jen Winters:

Harper L. Jameson:

Piper Davenport:

Amanda Washington:

Eve Rabi:

Chris Glover:

Susan Child:

Martha Sweeney:

Danny & Rob Author:

Joanne Jaytanie:

Ann Grech:

Kathleen Kelley:

Maci Dillion:

Phoenix Johnson:

Willsin Rowe:

Hazel Gower:

KL Kreig:

R.B. O’Brien:

Aiden Darke:

Sass S. Lewis:

GM Scherbert:

Montana Ash:

Elle Boon:

Caitlyn O’Leary:

Alanea Alder:

Owen Parr:

E.C. Jarvis:

Author Nicole Richards:

ML Rodriguez:

Sondi W./ Writer:

Jennifer Felton:

Thia Finn:

Selena Rivera:

Natalie E Wrye:

Vivian Lux:

Cecilia London:

Kay Renee:

Jennifer Fusco:

Laila Raimes:

Amy Muscat:

Kay Lindy:

Jan Meredith:

Janine Infante Bosco:

Lady J:

Layla Frost:

Savannah Hill:

Victoria Monroe:

Penelope Marshall:

Pamela Washington:

Mandy Thomas:

Erin McFadden:

Kara Hart:

Emma Adams:

Carol Maloney-Scott:

Jillian Jacobs:

Author Kat Green:

Amy Daws:

Scott Hildreth:

Sorcha McInnes:

Ariel Marie:

Author N. Nieto:

J.N. Sheats:

Elle Henry:

E.J. Fechenda:

Kew Townsend:

G.L. Chapple:

Deb Julienne:

Stephanie St. Klaire:

J.S. Snow:

Eve Montelibano:

RB Hilliard:
Authors That Only Have Friend Pages but Would Like More Friends
Sass S Lewis:
Sam Stone:

Colleen O’Felein:
Michelle Day:

DeeDee Lorenzo:

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