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Sawtooth Shifters Boxed Set Books 5-7 by Kristen Strassel

Sawtooth Shifters Boxed Set Books 5-7 by Kristen Strassel

Books 5-7 of Sawtooth Shifters!
Celebrate Me

Shea Lowe has a bad reputation.
After years of throwing punches first and asking questions later, he's hit a dead end. Notorious in Sawtooth Forest's underground fighting ring, Shea wants out. Volunteering at Forever Home's new farm is his only chance of getting another job on a ranch. But first, he's got to prove that he can be trusted.
Delaney wants a voice.
Selective mutism made it sound like Delaney chose to be silent, but she didn't choose to spend seven years locked in a cage. Forever Home is the last place she should've been sent for rehabilitation. But when a reckless, misunderstood werewolf treats her in a way she's only dreamed possible, she realizes there's no place else she'd rather be.
Delaney shows Shea that actions speak louder than words, and he vows to give her the one thing she's never had--a joy filled Christmas with a real family. But Delaney must decide if she can accept Shea's past if they have any chance at a future.

Shelter Me

Dallas Channing has Full Moon Fever.
A rogue wolf from Montana has laid her claim on him. But Dallas will fight for what he believes in--Sawtooth Forest and the human woman who sets his heart on fire. Even if he has to risk his humanity to make her his mate.
Lyssie has a fear of commitment.
Everyone she's loved has left her. She's got a chance to cure Dallas, keep the Sawtooth Pack together, and save Granger Falls, if only she stops pushing Dallas away. It's time for Lyssie to get what she wants.
Dallas must show Lyssie that some good things never have to end.

Complete Me

Xavier Lowe wants peace.
A rogue attack kept him trapped in his wolf form, and he's had enough of the endless war on Sawtooth Forest. His brothers want to play by the rules, but not X. If they don't take care of this threat, there will be no future to fight for.
Chandra wants to belong.
Her parents left Sawtooth Forest before she was born. They didn't want her to be sold, instead they gave her a chance to find her true mate. Now she's in the place she wants to call home, but she never expected her pack to reject her.
Except for one. X knows that Chandra isn't just any wolf, she's his mate. And he'll show her why Sawtooth Forest is worth fighting for.



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Kristen's always been fascinated by mythical creatures that go bump (and grind) in the night, such as vampires and rock stars. She writes sweet and sexy stories with unlikely pairings, and loves second chances. When she's not writing, she works as a makeup artist on for movies and TV. She also loves watching football, checking out museums, and long, aimless drives to the middle of nowhere.



Body, mind, and soul.       5 GOLD PAWS

I had the immense pleasure of reading these as they were released and even though I had to wait for each book to come out, it was sooooo worth it!  Kristen created one helluva World with these PAWMAZING Shifters of hers, that you can’t help but fall for, even if you first think that they are the “bad guys”!  LOL  This series is WOLFTASTIC!!  So many things surprised me, broke my heart, made me laugh, made me cry, had me smiling from ear to ear and warmed my heart. Kristen takes her characters – both human and wolf - and makes them all her own by giving them different abilities, powers, a whole new set of rules, laws & pack life with a brand spanking new world where they can live & play in, find their mates and live out their Happily Ever After Furry Tail endings of a story!  I find that I become so immersed into Kristen's books so quickly that I am not only feeling & experiencing FOR the characters, but WITH them as well, which is why I find this series so compelling.  The single quality that I love to find in the books I read, is the ability to become one with the characters and the story.  To not only love (or hate) the characters, or to feel for them, but to be able to BE the characters, to feel and experience WITH them - that is what makes this series come fully alive for me.  For some reason, this story & series, touches me, touches my reading soul even deeper than what usually happens with Kristen's books!  And that is saying A LOT!  I think it’s a mix between the story subject and the author's obvious love for her characters, their situations & their world!  Along with her phenomenal talent, Kristen also has this genuine gift that shines through in every book.  Her characters are ones that I like, love or hate :) while laughing & crying for and with them, experiencing, no LIVING their story with and AS them!  Combine those amazing characters with exciting storylines that are always unique & intriguing and you get fantastic books that are so enriched and have this depth to them that immediately pulls me in until I am completely consumed!  That is exactly why Kristen & her books have a special place in my heart and a Forever Home on my Favorite Authors bookshelf to be read over & over again for many years to come.

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