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Dark Innocence (The Vampire's Kiss part 3) by Reed James

Dark Innocence (The Vampire's Kiss part 3) by Reed James



A young, innocent women is claimed by the dark passions of the vampire! 

Damien, newly turned into a vampire, has been left for dead, his wife taken by Faust, an older vampire bent on revenge. Damien's only hope lies in a the young, innocent Britney, his next door neighbor. 

Busty and beautiful, the young woman discovers the darkly handsome Damien chained. But freeing him exposes Britney to his passions. Damien feeds for the first time, sharing his dark passion with the innocent Britney and changing her life forever. 

Dark passion crashes into innocent pleasure as Britney is taken hard by the vampire for the first time! 

Dark Innocence is a 8100 word harem, supernatural, vampire, angel, demon, clergy, sinful seduction, anal, oral, HuCow, creamy treat, adult nursing, first time erotica that is not for the faint of heart!



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His mouth sucked.     5 VAMPIRE KISSES


The blood flowed into his lips. He growled his enjoyment.  HOLY VAMPIRE FANGS!!  WHOA!  Talk about a yummy bite of FULL-BLOODED VAMPIRELICIOUS naughtiness with some very not-so-titular storylines!!  There there’s the FANGTASTIC characters that have me so intrigued and worried about what is happening or going to happen to them, as well as characters I would die, errr, become undead to be, that I can’t help but innocently devour each story as it releases!  The twists & turns, ebb & flow and the ins & outs are so VAMPIREGASMIC they keep this story and serial undulating between good & bad, angels & demons, vampires & humans, Masters & Slaves & Thralls and oh so much more!!  EVERY LITTLE DROP OF BLOOD has this reader so enthralled that I am hanging onto every word, eager for more, BEGGING for more, but also trying to just slow down, relax & enjoy the very VAMPTACULAR ride!  Even though I should know better - I DO know better - I am STILL blown away by just how FANGTASTIC the story is!!  The naughty may be the pointy fang of this story/serial but there is oh so very generous amounts of story intertwined with said nookie that enhances this piece of Vampire tail in all of the most - and best - demonic ways!  And yes, even though I do NOT like serials, with his undeniably FANGNOMENAL talent, Reed is THE Master and I am the Thrall, caught in his spell, fervently awaiting more vampire kisses in the dark!  Now you've claimed me. You drank my blood. It was rapture, Master.  Magical.  (and did you see those HELLACIOUS covers!  WHEW!)




Reed James is a thirty year-old guy living in Tacoma, WA. “I love to write, I find it freeing to immerse myself in a world and tell its stories and then share them with others.” He's been writing naughty stories since high school, furiously polishing his craft, and finally feels ready to share his fantasies with the world.

“I love writing about women who want to be a little (or a lot) naughty, people expressing their love for each other as physically and kinkily as possible, and women loving other women. Whether it's a virgin experiencing her/his first time or a long-term couple exploring the bounds of their relationships, it will be a hot, erotic story!”




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