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Kinsey McClane (Alexx Andria)

Blood Moon Rising OMNIBUS by Kinsey McClane (Alexx Andria)

Book Description


Half-breed identical twins Eva and Erie Kaylee want to forget that they’re half-wolf but when Erie is kidnapped by a fanatical cult bent on ending the human world, Eva has no choice but to ask for help.
From the minute the curvy brunette climbed through his window, L.A. SWAT captain Elijah Kane, knew she was trouble. And he isn’t wrong. An ancient prophecy, his own brother raining destruction, and the threat of all hell breaking loose — makes for one really bad day.
And it’s about to get worse.
Eva is his mate. Only…she doesn’t know it yet.
Elijah doesn’t want to be a hero. He doesn’t want to be Eva's mate.
Too bad he doesn’t have a choice.
The Blood Moon is about to rise — and if he wants to save his mate, he’s going to have to save the world, too.

Author’s Note: This 56,000 word novel was originally sold as a three-part serial.

Thoughts by Cherri-Anne


  5 stars


I had the pleasure of reviewing this story when it was the serial, so I have taken those reviews to post here.  I was going to merge them all into one, but then I thought why not leave them as is!  This way you can see just HOW MUCH I LOVED THIS STORY!!!  I also didn’t want to take parts out and lose the magic I felt when reading this serial.  The overall feeling of this story – HOLY!  It is utterly, magically, beautifully, wonderfully a FANTASTIC STORY!!!!  You do NOT want to miss out on this one!  I CANNOT wait to read more from Kinsey (Alexx)!  She is a EXTREMELY GIFTED AUTHOR who had me in knots, in lust, in despair, in love, and OH SO MUCH MORE while frantically reading to the end of this story!  Of course, I didn’t want to go too fast and miss out on anything, so ummm, ya, I read it TWICE!  Once for each part, then when I finished all 3, I quickly started them over again so I could read them from start to finish without any interruptions!  VERDICT IS – no matter how many times I read this story IT STILL has me in its clutches and I LOVED it and can’t wait to read it again!  Maybe before the next part comes out! :)     So here are my reviews:


Blood Moon Rising part I - WHEW! What a great start!!!   

 5 stars

I will be honest and say that I am not a fan of serials, but this one has me re-thinking that!!!  I might just have to change my mind!  In fact I think that this is the first serial that I have had to read & review!  And you never forget your first, right?!  So now this is even MORE special!  J  Even though this part is only about 30 pages long it sure doesn’t feel that short.  There is a great start to the story that has you jumping right in.  You get to meet the characters, get a feel for them and while this story moves forward there is also enough of the history and background information given to enhance the story without weighing you down or confusing the situation.  You also get enough of a hint at the deeper storyline to whet your whistle (and other parts!) and make you want to know more about the people, the situation, the mystery and…well EVERYTHING!!!!  This is all mixed together in such a way and does exactly what it is meant to do – make you crave to read the rest of the story to get the answers to all of the questions this part made you think of!  I definitely love Kinsey’s writing style!  There is this intensity in the storyline and this sense of realness that she brings to the characters, that makes me want to read and read and read….I hope that she continues to write these awesomely sexy Paranormal stories because there will NEVER be too many of them!!!!  Buy it today and see what you have been missing! 


Blood Moon Rising part II - SMOKIN’ HOT…     

 5 stars

AND EFFEN FANGTASTIC!!!  I LOVED this part of the story!  So many twists & turns and sweet moments, moments that make you squeal, gasp, sigh, growl…well, you get the picture!  Who would have thought that a serial could be THIS awesome!  Not me, that’s for sure!  I tend to shy away from these until they are released as one edition/book (I am a very impatient reader!), but thankfully I am able to read these all together since they are now all released.  THANK YOU KINSEY / ALEXX!  I can fully understand, even appreciate, what Eva is thinking, feeling and WHY she is the way she is, but COME ON!!  Who wouldn’t want to have a mate that they could pair-bond with!?!?!  Yeesh!  I have to say that Elijah is pretty easy on the eyes, and he could never hurt her, never cheat on her, nor her to him.  He’s built so perfectly (insert wagging eyebrows and naughty grin here) for her, as she is for him…What’s the problem here?  *dreamy sigh*  Yes there were moments I wanted to smack Eva and tell her to wake up!  This hunka hunka wolf wants YOU, maybe not how you would want it to have started, but it is real and true and he tries so hard to calm her and talk to her about it…well, she could make the effort as well.  (Yes, I am a little bitter I don’t have my own Elijah, why do you ask? LOL)  I did love the humor whether it be funny, sarcastic, naughty, somewhere in between and / or all of the above!  So many awesome one liners, sayings, quotes, double entendre, etc.  These are the first books that I have read from Kinsey/Alexx, but if this is how she writes all her books, well, consider me a fan of ALL of them, not just the Paranormals!  I personally think that the writing is exactly why it is so great!  She writes along the same way I think and speak – the sayings, quotes, etc.  I would love to share a couple of my favorite ones, but I can’t see how I can without giving spoilers! But enough chit chat!  I have part III itching to be read!  Plus I cannot wait to see how this all ends!!!!  So click on over and buy this series!  You don’t want to be left out, do you? 


Blood Moon Rising part III - OH MY KARUSA!   

 5 stars

My mind is blown right now!  Eva might have said it, but it fits me perfectly after reading this series!  THAT WAS OVERWHELMING AWESOME AND HOT AND PERFECT AND…oh just read it and see for yourself!  You will experience the magic of finding your mate, exploring each other while trying to get to know someone and trust them with your life – all within a days of meeting, I might add.  You will yearn for the pair-bond, wishing it to be real so you can find your mate too!  The way that Kinsey / Alexx writes this you can’t help but believe it to be real…until you leave the comfort of these stories and you realize that you were ensnared in a pair-bond too.  The kind that only exists between a great author and reader, that is!  I can honestly say that I loved this entire story and while this one does end, there is more to come.  And I for one CANNOT WAIT!!  Again, this part of the story has all of the same quirks, twists & turns, humor and then some, as the previous 2 parts.  Although this also has been amped up with a seriously intense edge-on-the-seat feel added in!  Will Eva and her twin survive?  Will the ritual be performed?  Will fate or destiny take action first?  But who’s fate or destiny will it be that rises to the challenge?  Yes, I did review these last two parts in this madly frustrated way because I don’t know how to tell you just how much I loved this story without giving a hint at how it goes, or even worse, give full-on spoilers and ruin the magic of this crazy, beautiful, insanely magical & amazingly story!!  Kinsey / Alexx has me completely enthralled and I cannot wait to read the rest of her paranormal books, hell ALL of her books! whether they already be released or still to come, I am a pair-bonded reader and I can’t turn away from my mate with destiny!  *snicker*  And yes I am well aware of just how cheesy that may sound to you, but I dare you to read these books, one after the other and NOT understand what I mean!  So from one word nerd to another – buy this series and support a fellow word nerd – you will NOT be disappointed!!!  Cherri out!



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