Monday, March 30, 2015

Terry Bolryder

Bear-ever Yours: BBW Bear Shifter (BWWM) Romance Standalone 

by Terry Bolryder

Book Description

 March 20, 2015
A fun, standalone bear shifter romance with no cliffhanger on sale for .99! 

Leah Maitland isn't expecting much when she wins an unexpected, all-expenses paid trip to the Caribbean. Just some sunshine, fruity drinks, and maybe a break from her demanding job as an office manager to the worst boss ever. She definitely isn't expecting Sky Weston, a hot, athletic local dive instructor with surfer blond hair and Caribbean blue eyes who seems determined to rock her world. 

Sky is tall, intensely handsome and a polar bear shifter whose family moved to warmer climates. From the moment he looks into Leah's sparkling brown eyes from across the room, he knows he wants the curvaceous beauty for his own. 

But as things heat up in the Caribbean, danger is also close on their heels. And if Sky can't convince Leah to trust the passion igniting between them, he might just lose her to the evil bear that is willing to do anything to make her his.

Thoughts by Cherri-Anne

Rock her world?  He was going to explode it! 

  5 stars


GGGRRRREAT story!!!  Sorry!  I just couldn’t help myself!  The growl just had to come out!  Polar Bears!  YUP!  POLAR BEARS!!!  WHOOT!  This was such an amazing story!  I liked that even though it is a shorter story (roughly about 80 pgs or so) it did NOT lack for anything.  That being said, I always like my books to be longer!  I HATE saying good-bye to my new book friends…even if it is a “just for now” good bye.  I was very impressed with the storyline, how things progressed and of course the ending!  I love Terry’s take on polar bears, the unique traits they have, I love the humor, the sexiness, the…well EVERYTHING!  I don’t want to give spoilers away, so I will leave it all at that!  So many beautiful & magical moments that it was hard for ME to remember the short timeframe that it all takes place in, let alone poor Leah who is swept right up into the perfectly written romantic story!  My only comment (it isn’t really a complaint) is that there were a couple of questions left unanswered, but I am hoping that Terry has plans to write more books and turn this one into a series.  So until I hear differently, I will hope that this is the case and that my questions will be answered soon enough!  (Maybe Terry could make this the first book of a Sky & Leah series or a family series that has a second book for each brother that updates us on them and answers my questions!)  I can hope & dream right?    Can you tell that I loved this book?  I am trying to convince Terry to write MORE for me to also read!!!  I recently discovered Terry & her Polar Bears and while I am so ecstatic that I did find her, I am glad I did so now.  That means I have a LOT of books to read & catch up on while waiting for the new ones to come! :)  So pardon me for cutting this short!  I have some polar bears to love!



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