Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Mandy M. Roth

Book Description

Publication Date: March 31, 2015

Book 7 in the Bestselling Series the Immortal Ops! 
Paranormal Military Shapeshifter Romance 
Print Page Count: 295 
Large Print Page Count: 528 

Tiger-shifter Jonathon Reynell has spent a chunk of his immortal life serving his country. As an I-Op, his life revolves around the next mission, the next natural high. A soldier sent into the deadliest of combats, he didn't expect immortality to be an issue, to live on while everyone he knows and loves dies. When the toll begins to show and he finds himself at the bottom of another bottle, he decides to go back to his roots, back to his home to clear his head. Rock bottom is not where he expected to be when he found his mate with a rose in hand and his name on her lush lips. Tori is the very definition of perfection and beauty. She’s also in the crosshairs of the enemy. And if there is one thing this sniper knows, it’s that his sights are the only ones that should be set on her.

Thoughts by Cherri-Anne

If you make it, he will come. 

   5 stars


OH HOW I LOVED THIS STORY!  Her mind knew better.  It was the portal to her heart.  It is such an utterly beautiful story that is written with the trademark Mandy magic that we have all come to love!  It has shades of dark in it, but that is all part of the magic!  I loved both Jon & Tori and how many similarities there are between them!  Enough to help them connect, but also enough differences to keep them both hopping!  It is such an amazing, touching, humorous and even what you might call bedeviled story.  There is also a few twists and turns, even shocking revelations that I did not see coming!  I guess if I did see it coming it wouldn’t be full of surprises nor would it be written by Mandy!  Of course that is one more reason why I love Mandy’s books so much!!  They are NEVER boring, nor repeated and they are ALL unique and the kinds of books that make you feel for the characters right from the start all while sucking you right into the story.  Mandy also makes you love ALL of the characters regardless if they are the major characters or the side/minor characters, so much so that you hope that Mandy will give each of the minor characters their own story!  I haven’t read any of the other books in this series, but that is going to change and SOON!!  I loved how Mandy makes these stories standalones or at least enough that you can read this one before the others.  But in true Mandy fashion, there is just enough back story to make you want to read the others asap!  Thank you Mandy for showing off those mad author skills of yours and proving that no matter how many books you write – whether it be book 7 in a series or a stand-alone – your extremely talented gift for storytelling, character & world building, and oh so much more, is still as strong and perfect as always!  Mandy is also one of those great authors that you can read & re-read her books, enjoy them every time, and even pick up or discover new or different things each time.  To me, that is the mark of a truly tremendously fantastic author! 




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