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Renee George

A Shapeshifter Menage Serial Romance


Midnight Shift (Episode One): a Shapeshifter
Menage Serial Romance


Book Description

 January 15, 2015

One Sexy Slayer. Two Alpha Werewolves. A Dangerously Hot Romance.

(This is a serialized novel -- see Author Note at bottom of blurb) 
Benie Dilian hunts supernatural bad guys. Her ability to shift like a chameleon, to hide in plain sight, as well as her enhanced senses, makes her the ultimate killing machine. The only person in her life that she remotely trusts is her genius best friend—Ian Arent. 

After a dangerous supernatural tracker attacks Ian, turning the human into a shapeshifter, Benie must not only find out who is behind the attack that nearly killed her best friend, but also find a way to help Ian deal with his new reality. She enlists the help of telepathic werewolf Trace Calder, a supe who specializes in mediation with the "other worlders." 

As Benie fights her intense attraction to both men, she knows she has more to worry about than losing her heart and soul. Soon, she finds out that the attack on Ian is only the beginning of a journey fraught with danger and dark truths—and a prophecy that promises Benie a destiny she never wanted. 

***Authors Note: Please be aware that Midnight Shift (Episode One) is the first episode in a hot new Shapeshifter/ Paranormal Romance Ménage serialized novel. This is part ONE of a FIVE part serialized story. In other words, it is episodic, contains cliff hangers, and is not a stand-alone story. It is meant to be read in order of its parts. It does contain explicit M/F/M scenes and is intended for an adult audience.

Thoughts by Cherri-Anne

What a terrific start to this new serial courtesy of the always entertaining Renee George!  Just when you think you know or have at the very least heard about most of the paranormal species out there, along comes this great story to prove you wrong…VERY wrong!  Not that I am complaining, mind you!  Bragging is more like it!  It hooked me from the start and I can’t wait to read the rest!  I have read quite a few of Renee’s books so I was pretty sure I knew what to expect…HA!  Silly me!  Besides being an engrossing read with great characters and an intriguing storyline, the rest of the similarities end there.  You can never say that Renee’s book are cookie cutter, or all the same kind of plot/story lines where just the characters names change.  I don’t know just what paranormal fountain Renee gets all of the amazing ideas from, or where her creativity comes from with all of these different species and storylines, but I hope it never dries up!  There is such a depth and “real” feel to them that no matter how long the story is, I wish that there was more!  But the flip side to that is that I never feel “unsatisfied” or that the short story was a “waste of time”!  They are all great and this one is no exception!  Maybe if we all plead to Renee we could entice her to take this serial and make it a full length novel which could then it turn become part of a series!!!   *dreamy sigh*  We can all dream & hope!

Midnight Shift (Episode Two): a Shapeshifter Menage Serial Romance 

 January 31, 2015

Thoughts by Cherri-Anne

Holey Moley!!  This is ever so quickly becoming one helluva story!  There are all of these cool and/or scary new paranormal species with freaky powers & abilities.  There are so many secrets, mysteries and plain old weird things going on and they are all just begging to be discovered, examined and explained!  I am loving all of these qualities as well as the characters.  Not to mention all of the hot sex too!  Renee sure is proving just how much talent she has!  I don’t think that there are too many authors out there that can take so many amazingly unique ideas & attributes and blend them all together into a 5 part serial or any story, that is THIS well written!  In typical Renee fashion she has managed to hook me from the start, has my attention through each part from start to finish, makes me feel for the characters and yes, she has even made me cry!  To me, that is a sign of a great story because it means that I am that absorbed into the story that I can feel with & for the characters, cry for & with them, laugh, sigh, dream and everything else with these characters as if I was actually experiencing this in real life!  Well, to me, books ARE real life!  My point is that Renee has another fantastic hit on her hands and is well worth your time & money to get this one!  I plan on reading it over & over for years to come.

Midnight Shift (Episode Three): a Shapeshifter Menage Serial Romance 

Thoughts by Cherri-Anne 

WOW!  This is so FANTASTIC!!!  & AAAARRRRRGGGHH!!!  This is so FRUSTRATING!!!  I can’t wait MONTHS to find out what happens or how it ends!!  GAAAK I hate serials!  Well, at least the good ones and this, THIS is a GREAT one!  *smiles innocently while cursing*  LOL  Renee has me completely enthralled & mesmerized with these first 3 parts!  I find it so wonderful & marvellous & tremendous & FANTASTIC that with everything that Renee has jam packed into this story, that it has not become overwhelming or like there is so much going on that it doesn’t make sense.  In fact, it is exactly the opposite!  It all works so beautifully together in perfect harmony to create one awesomely terrific story.  There is the perfect amount of mystery, secrets, intrigue, lust, love, hate, pain and oh so very much more that has me so hooked that I cannot wait to see how the next 2 parts are going to play out!  So in typical Renee fashion, I am not left wanting for anything in this story…except for an ending like NOW! :)

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