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Teshelle Combs

Core by Teshelle Combs

   5 stars

Book Description

 January 31, 2014
Book 1 of the Core Series 

Ava is sucked into a realm she never knew existed. She must battle the shadowy, soul-leeching nightfolk and the jealous, fanged werefolk, even though her life is already tangled in lies and drenched in secrets. Still, no matter where Ava is--in the thunderous roar of Miami's red dragon fight club or the deadly quiet of the sky dungeon--Cale is with her. And as long as he's there, everything she's endured in her dark life may be worth it. 

Will she be brave enough? 

Cale never meant to find her. But once he did, his world began to unravel. His heart was torn...torn between loyalty to his nest and the burning need to be with the one person who could spark his dragon core. 

Can he win her trust? 

 Thoughts by Cherri-Anne

WHOA!  THAT…WAS JUST…WOWOHWOWWOWOHWOW!!!  I am flabbergasted at just HOW MUCH I loved this book!  Of course, the first thing I did was check to make sure there was more to come…and NOW!!!!  *WHEW*  There is more out and more to come!  This book just sucked me in from the get-go!  You meet Ava who is a boxer/fighter and is totally disconnected with everything and everyone around her, except for the fight itself.  Cale is in the crowd watching and becomes completely mesmerized by her, even to the disbelief of his brother.  Then they realize that she is “THE ONE”.  Now at this point I am thinking that Cale has just found his soul mate…being that he is in his twenties at least..SNORT!  How wrong was I!  And boy was I excited to be wrong because it just took this book out of the typical “boy sees girl, lusts, obsesses, explains he is a shifter and she is his mate” category.  Not that there is anything wrong with that, trust me!  Those are the very reasons I love me my paranormals!  Well that and for the vampires!  LOL  I am officially a Teshelle fan-girl/stalker/devotee!  At the beginning I was a little confused with things, but I quickly – like less than a couple of pages quickly - caught on to Teshelle’s very gifted writing style and from there it was on!  It was like an all-out-high-speed rush that led to me being completely engrossed in the story!  So much so that even though I was reading this while in the ER waiting room, and then later in the room getting my IV treatments, I was able to focus *almost* completely on the story (for the most part) and it helped me to deal with all of the pain that I was in!!  That is a HUGE sign and a GIGANTICaccomplishment that speaks volumes to Teshelle’s remarkable gift of story-telling!  Her writing is absolutely brilliant!  The way that the story unfolds, along with how you are given the information and when you are given it is pure genius!  Little bits at a time, but it is EXACTLY what you need to keep the story progressing.  And boy does it progress!  So many unique features, a wide variety of characters and species that it felt like I was reading my very first paranormal story…EVER!  Since I have been reading paranormal stories since I was in my early teens, in fact before they were even called “paranormal stories”, and being that it has almost always been my favorite type or class of books, I have read more books than I can count or even remember!  This is a very high compliment to Teshelle!  So trust someone who is a paranormal junkie and buy this book!  You will want to read it over & over!  Dare I even say that I think I might have enjoyed and fallen in love with Ava & Cale more than I did – and still am – with Harry, Hermione and Ron!?!?!  NAH!!  That would just be crazy talk…even if it is true!   sssssh! You did NOT just hear (or rather, read) that!  :)  One of the things I loved about that “other” series was, every time a new book was due out I would read all the other books over again.  I sometimes couldn’t wait that long, so I would read them in between as well.  I never tired of them or was bored.  Each read through I noticed different things.  I can totally see me doing the same with this series!  I know this all sounds so cheesy, and it is probably close to, if not THE longest review I have ever written, but…since I finished this book I just can’t seem to move on!  I think about it all the time and yet I still cannot tell you WHY THIS BOOK is the one that has me so entranced!  There is not one thing I can point to and say “this is when or where it started”.  It is EVERY. SINGLE. PART. It is the SUM. OF. THE. PARTS.  It is EVERYTHING!  And now?  I STILL can’t move past it!  I have no interest in reading anything else!  I need Cale & Ave!  I need MORE Cale & Ava!  Please?




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