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Ann Gimpel


Series Backstory: 
Sometime between the interminable wars in the Middle East and 9/11, the United States moved forward breeding a race of super humans. Clandestine labs formed, armed with eager scientists who’d always yearned to manipulate human DNA. At first the clones looked promising, growing to fighting size in as little as a dozen years, but V1 had design flaws. 

Seven years ago, a rogue group turned on their creators, blew up the lab, and hit all the other breeding farms, freeing whomever they could find. In the intervening time, they’ve retreated to hidden compounds and created a society run by men. Women are kept on a tight leash because the men fear if they discover their innate power, they’d launch their own rebellion. 

Winning Glory Description: 
Being a genetically altered human without a name grew old, so Glory named herself. Surrounded by a maze of unpleasant alternatives, she makes a bold choice and ends up a fugitive in the midst of a Minnesota winter. Once she’s on the run, she discovers how unprepared she is for life outside her protected compound. 

CIA agent, Roy Kincaid, devoted his career to hunting super humans who staged a rebellion seven years before. He’s not making much headway, so he goes deep undercover. One blustery night, a striking woman staggers into the café where he’s catching a late meal. Part waif, part runway model, the half-frozen woman arrows straight into his heart. 

Glory’s flat out of alternatives, but death in the storm might be preferable to telling the tall stranger looming over her anything. Sensing Roy is dangerous, she pushes into his head seeking clues and discovers he hunts those like her. Maybe she can fool him, just for tonight. Get a hot meal and dry motel room out of the deal. If she’s lucky, he’ll never find out she’s on the run from the same group he’s targeted for death. 

The thing she didn’t count on was falling in love. 

Thoughts by Cherri-Anne 

5 Stars 

Don’t you get it? I’m never leaving you anywhere.  


HOLY MOTHERSHIP!  This is a SPECTACULAR sci-fi/paranormal romance of a book!  It is just WOW!!!!  I have read a fair number of Ann's books and have enjoyed EVERY. SINGLE. ONE!  And yet she still manages to astound & amaze me with the diversity in her subjects, the characters and the way that she pushes the boundaries to ensure that her books are never classed as mainstream or cookie cutter types!   Which is utterly fantastic because it also shows just how much Ann puts into her books, the research, the love & effort all to give us readers a uniquely spectacular, impossible-to-put-down romantically sexy adventure that you never want to end!  For those of you have read Ann's books – even just one - you know exactly what I mean when I say that it is hard to pigeonhole her books into one genre!  I recently finished my favorite Ann series - Earth Reclaimed - pardon me, it WAS my favorite – and wasn’t sure that she could write another that would even compare to it.  Oh was I ever wrong!  Winning Glory has by far and away stolen my breath and my love, but please don't tell Fionn & Aislinn okay?!?  *smiles*  Winning Glory also occupied most of my day as well, since I haven't done anything except sleep & read since I started this book up until I finished it!  IT IS THAT FANTASTIC!!!  I don't want to say too much regarding the storyline as I don't want to spoil anything for you!  Suffice it to say that Roy is my new book boyfriend and I would give anything to have the character,  strength and integrity like Glory!  (Of course, I wouldn't mind being smokin' hot like her either!)  Okay, I will also say that this book has just about anything you could ever want in a story – humor, sexiness, romance, true friendship, love, super-humans, spy, adventures, rogue agents, bad guys, good guys, some you aren’t sure of, guys you want to love, gals you wish you could be and so much more!!  Once again Ann expertly showcases her marvellous gift that enables her to write such captivating stories one after another!  I was completely engrossed in this story and couldn't put it down!  Ann has this phenomenal gift that enables her to not only successfully write such a variety of books & series, but to do it with such flair…panache & with this...LOVE that encompasses your whole being drawing you into each story and keeps you there until it releases you with those two words most hated by any avid reader - The End!  Well, at least they are MY most hated words!  But when they are followed up with “the story continues with...” then it softens the blow of a fantastic book coming to the end.  Now to just wait for the next book!  I am not the most patient of readers especially after just having met such a great new set of friends!  This series will definitely be one that I read over & over again!  In fact, whenever the next story is close to being released, I will be re-reading the books already out.  Besides having a great excuse to read the book(s) again (like you need one!), it is also one of my favorite parts of a series - the fact that you CAN read the books over & over, enjoy them like it is the first time, and each time you discover new things, realize or understand different points & parts, fall in love with - or more in love - with the characters all over again and then as each new book is released they strengthen and deepen the series you already know & love, giving you more of the humor, adventure, joy, love & awesomeness that only Ann Gimpel can do!  All in All, Ann Gimpel has written another fantastic book that has become a permanent fixture on my LOVE TO READ bookshelf!


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