Friday, April 3, 2015

Bryan Cohen

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After passing through the portal to another realm…

…Ted Finley must put his trust in unlikely allies to survive.

The Realm of Souls is a war zone, and Ted and Natalie are behind enemy lines. Badly injured and powerless, the two strangers to a new world must rely on a mysterious woman and her village to live to see another day.

Erica LaPlante is down to her second-to-last option. Only a coordinated effort from Jennifer, Dhiraj, Travis and the rest of the gang will keep Erica from her last resort: death and regeneration. But fugitives at large can't hide forever, and some of them won't live long enough to clear their names.

The Light, the Dark and the Ugly is the fourth novel in a YA Sci-Fi Fantasy series that features exhilarating combat, deadly foes, sharp humor, and a little romance. Author Bryan Cohen's Ted Saves the Worldseries breaks darker ground in a chilling, action-packed fourth installment.

Thoughts by Cherri-Anne

Ted is MY Super Hero!        

   5 stars


WOW!  I am very much addicted to Ted!!!  I have no idea how Bryan has master planned such a phenomenal story like he has with the Ted series, but ITS UTTERLY MARVELLOUS!  And with each book it just keeps getting better and better and I find myself more spellbound with each book, heck even with each chapter!  I love how “larger-than-life” this series feels.  One of my favorite things about these books is that it is all story.  Each book just carries off from where the last one left off, there isn’t any “refresher” or doubling back, every book leaves off on a cliff-hanger which may or may not be answered in the next book.  I can’t wait until this series is complete, with all books published because I can see myself reading through each book in order, one after the other and it will read like one big million page fantastically epic story!!!  (Yes, I am exaggerating on the pages, but you get my point.)  This is also a series that you can read many times over and still be able to pick up on new things, finally see through the illusion of that one character, or be able to read it with all of the secrets known and then every single part will become clear, you will understand just why so & so did this or didn’t, etc.  I cannot believe how many twists & turns this story has taken!  It not only has done so but it has still managed to keep a hold on the overall feel of the story, no matter how “light” or “dark” or “ugly” the story gets.  I am in awe of Bryan’s massive amount of talent for story telling!  This story encompasses so many different people across time & space & worlds, sometimes with the same people who become or were other people, and even though that should sound confusing, complicated, tough to keep track of everyone & everything, it isn’t!  This is where Bryan’s own exceptional super-hero abilities come in.  He has this gift to take all of the storyline, characters, worlds, past lives, etc. and weave it all together into one incredibly wonderful series that actually is a great “lighter” read!  Meaning you don’t need to take a million notes, make flowcharts or any other such tools to be able to read & enjoy each book as it comes out.  Yes this series did initially start off more “light & pretty” – it is about a geeky teenager for goodness sakes! – and yes it has gotten “darker & ugly”, but while Bryan has stayed true to every character’s personality, and as you would expect in any book and/or series, they have also grown as well.  Saving the world will have that effect on you!  And while their characters grow, they are STILL teenagers with the same dorky traits and humor.  Sometimes I get so absorbed in the story that when one of them makes a “stupid” or immature remark or ill-timed joke, I start to get disgusted with them or the timing…and then I remember - THEY ARE IMMATURE since they are all around the tender age of 17. *snicker*   Then it all becomes funny again!  Which is why, in my opinion, this series keeps on working so well!  So don’t be alarmed or turned off from the fact that this says it is a YA read – it is a series for anyone who likes to read a great story that has no predictability, is clean but doesn’t shy away from the darker side, has a deeper underlying story that will entrance you and is stuffed full of awesomeness!!



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