Friday, April 3, 2015

Michelle M. Pillow

Dark Prince (Dragon Lords) 
Paranormal Dragonshifting Romance 
Revised Expanded Anniversary Edition 

Out of the fire... 

Intergalactic thief, Olena Leyton is one of the best space pirates in history. Sailing the high skies in search of adventure is in her blood. When her crew is scattered in a run from the law and her ship explodes into a ball of flames, the injured Olena is forced to find sanctuary on a bride procurement ship. Posing as a blushing ‘mail-order’ bride on the primitive planet of Qurilixen to elude the bounty hunters pursuing her is a necessity of circumstance. But, being a bride isn’t something this pirate takes seriously. 

Into the flames... 

Dragonshifting Prince Yusef leads a simple life away from the palace. He knows from the first moment he sees his fiery temptress that he will possess her and make her his mate for all time. However, the prince soon learns that playing with fire will always leave a man burned. However, with passions that surge as powerful as theirs, he is not willing to give up his bride without a fight. 

About the Series 
The dragonshifting princes have no problem with commitment. In one night, they will meet and choose their life mate in a simplistic ceremony involving the removing of masks and the crushing of crystals. With very few words spoken and the shortest, most bizarre courtship in history, they will bond to their women forever. And once bonded, these men don’t let go... Too bad nobody explained this to their brides.

Thoughts by Cherri-Anne

In a way, you are now his guiding light.     5 stars


She was his life mate.  She was his perfect match.  She had never known true happiness before meeting her dragon warrior.  Another terrific story in this series!  I fell for Yusef right away and he is by far hands down the Prince for me!  Too bad Olena found him first!  LOL  I liked her and thought that I had a rough idea of how her life went that got her to this point.  Well, I was partly right, okay, just the general over-all kind of partly right, but it broke my heart to hear her full story though!  That is one of the only parts that I actually cried hysterically at!  While it did make me cry, it also shows how deep into the story I was that I could feel her pain!  Don’t get me wrong, it is a fantastic story and very much worth reading!  I love the humor and sexy play, flirting, that goes on between Yusef & Olena.  I love how Michelle can take multiple books that not only share the same storyline and timeline, but also many people and scenes and yet every single one is fresh, unique and AWESOME!!!  She does it so masterfully that I didn’t even realize that they were the same scenes until a specific action happened!  It is cool to see these from a different point of view each time because it gives you a different piece of the same picture that I gather will become one grand masterpiece once I have read all four of the books in this series!  I still read with a sense of awe & wonderment at how Michelle can manage so many different ways to show & handle each situation, problem and scenario!  I think that it works so well, reads so fluently with NO errors or conflicting parts because Michelle wrote them all at the same time.  But then again it could all come down to the fact that Michelle is just this phenomenally talented!!!  Yet one more item to add to the very long list that proves time and again just how gifted Michelle truly is!  Once again, Michelle has made me fall even more for these Princes as well as their new Princesses and makes me one very elated reader to know that there are a LOT more books for me to read, as well as more to come in the future so I will never be without a new Prince to fall in love with!  Excuse me while I go contact Galaxy Brides and sign myself up for the next ship out of here!


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