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Mandy M. Roth


Publication Date: August 11, 2014

Sacred, worshiped…hunted. 

All Korey O’Caha wants in his immortal life is to keep evil at bay, protect the witches he was destined to teach and to bed as many women as possible. He doesn’t want love but he didn’t plan on Gigi. Her very presence calls all he vowed sacred in life into question. She quickly becomes his reason for existing but can she ever fully accept him and who he is–a seven hundred year old immortal druid sorcerer? Will the secrets she’s hiding be his undoing? 

Gigi, the daughter of a great god, could not stand idly by and allow innocent druid children to be slaughtered. She intervened, placing them under her protection. In the end she was imprisoned in a place where time moved differently than here on earth. That was almost seven hundred years ago. Once freed, she ran as far from the old country as she could. Never did she expect to find ties to the land, let alone a man who stirs her blood the way Korey does. 

As shadows from the past resurface, bringing news of an uprising, truth and passion ignite, leaving Gigi at the mercy of Korey. 


I ADDED THIS PART IN: Previously released under the title Goddess of the Grove (Sacred Places). It is now Goddess of the Grove (Druid Series).

Thoughts by Cherri-Anne 

5 Stars 

Enough with the damn flowers already!!   


Another FANTASTIC story from Mandy!  I love Love LOVE this series!!  Book 1 was awesome, but for some reason I loved this one even more! If that is even possible!  While I am not a fan of short stories, I find myself wondering if I need to change that statement with every good one of them that I read, and then I get to a great one - like this one - and I know that I DO like shorter stories!  Korey is such a bad boy.  The kind that all of us gals hope to find because you know that under that bad boy exterior is one very sexy naughty man worth risking everything for!  I love the humor - the sarcastic, the lol funny, the teasing & the irony but especially the naughty humor like  “If she only knew how hard he truly was…  she’d run screaming from the pub.” *snicker*     The fact that Gigi can not only keep up with him, but keep him in line and put him in his place when need be, well that is why Korey loves her!  And me too!  Along with the laughing, I cried a couple of times, too.  And at the end I did both! This is all just proof of how extraordinary Mandy truly is.  She is capable of capturing - and then holding - your attention for as long as the story is, while having you connect, relate to, sympathize with & be envious of the characters, all while entertaining you like no one else can!  Except maybe, not even her.  Just teasing gals!! *cheeky grin*  Which means that Mandy can have you connected to the characters, feeling for & with them, no matter the length of the story!  One of the perks of shorter stories is that the characters 'hook up' quicker and if they do get separated, they are back together quicker.  I love my HEAs, even if the characters don't have to  “suffer” or “work” as hard for them.  And if it is a Mandy M. Roth one, well you know that the HEA is going to be a hot, sexy, sweet and PERFECT one EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.


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