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Teshelle Combs

Sole by Teshelle Combs 



Cameron has always been alone. There's no place for him in his nest, no room for him among his brothers' friends, and no way he's going back to the blue academy that ruined his life. But what happens to that solitude when Cameron meets another loner--one who actually sees him for who he is? 

SOLE is a love story, a glimpse into a quiet world. It's a fantastical prequel spin-off to Core (Book 1). Find secret, hidden information about the dragon world that you won't find in the novels. For more on the CORE Series, visit Teshelle Combs' website, 

Core (Book 1) 
Sole (Book 2) 
Vane (Book 3) 
Untitled (Book 4) - TBR May 2015

About the Author

Teshelle Combs is the award winning YA author of the urban fantasy series, "CORE" and action/romance series, "The System." She's one of those crazies who majored in English in college and works as a full-time writer. Teshelle grew up in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, and currently lives with her musico hubby, Nate Combs, and their baby boy, Jaxter, in Cape Coral, FL. If you'd like to meet Teshelle or find more of her work, visit her at

Thoughts by Cherri-Anne 

 5 Stars 

I need someone who wants to know me.  Just one person.  

But I am more than that.  I’m a dragon.  My race is part of who I am.  I am not my race.  This is one amazingly heart-breaking story while being heart-warming at the very same time!  I am beyond words at Cameron's story and am oh so very honored to know his horrible secret(s)!   Cam was one of those characters in Core that had me intrigued, mystified and more than a little heart-sore trying to figure him out & understand his idiosyncrasies.  Or at least I perceived them as idiosyncrasies...until I read this story.  Now, now it all begins to make sense!  Now I know why he is the person he is.  Now I WHO he is!  I just want to hug him, protect him and just be there for him!  I am in awe of Teshelle and her masterful storytelling!  Myra was also a fascinating character that I loved the insight into her as well.  This story helps to shed some light on “background” or “side” stories to Core.  I love that I can read a 40-50 pg story that has the same impact on me that Core did!  It drew me in, it held me so entranced that I actually read this instead of hanging out with the family after Easter Dinner!!  YES, IT IS THAT GREAT!!  I can't wait to continue reading this series!!  There are so many original, unique and ingenuous traits to EVERYTHING!  I still stand behind my claim after reading Core, book 1 of this series- it felt like I was reading my very first paranormal story...EVER!  And since I have been reading them since I was in my early teens, in fact before they were even CALLED paranormal stories, and it has almost always been my favorite class of books, I have read a TON of them, so it is saying a LOT!!  In fact, I have read more books than I can count (or remember, even!). This is a very high compliment to Teshelle and I can’t wait to continue reading this series.  This series has pulled me in so deep that I find it hard to start reading any other book!  I hope that Teshelle plans to write many MANY more books in the series for years to come!  I will eagerly (& impatiently) be there for the entire ride!  Teshelle has this phenomenal gift that enables her to write these stories that are so amazing, so deep, so engrossing and all-encompassing where the characters have so many layers to them, add in such detailed worlds, history and so many different aspects & unique characteristics to the stories is what makes this series stand out from the rest!   




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