Friday, April 24, 2015

Sarah Mäkelä


From New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Sarah Mäkelä...

Cold Moon Rising - Cry Wolf #2

Passions flare when the cold moon rises...

Kelly: a normal college girl, who knows what she wants--to survive her final exams, and find someone to share her life with. Studying with Jacob is becoming too hot to handle; she's falling for him, but he's going too fast...

Jacob: a not-so-typical frat guy, who hides a secret--he's a werewolf. Whenever the moon is high, he's driven to shed his human form and satisfy his powerful desires. He craves Kelly, but she's pushing him away...

Fallout: Jacob can smell Kelly's arousal, but she insists she doesn't want sex. A wolf can only take so much before his natural instincts win out. When the tension between them explodes, Jacob has no choice but to walk...

Kidnapped! Kelly is abducted by evil scientists who've mistaken her for a female werecat and, despite their differences, Jacob has to try and find her. But it's a race against time and the lunar tides. The scientists have taken Kelly to their lab and turned her into a shapeshifter for real. The full moon is rising, and soon neither Kelly nor Jacob will be able to control their inner beasts. Who knows what the consequences will be when they are consumed by unquenchable animal lust...

Thoughts by Cherri-Anne 

Cold Moon Rising by Sarah Makela

 4 Stars 

And what a moon it is!  


Awesome novella!  Very entertaining, although a little short with NO ENDING?!?  Okay, maybe that is a little misleading, but I definitely want to see where things are going to go AFTER this books ends.  I sincerely hope that it is out already!  Sarah wouldn't tease & torture us like that, would she??!?  I mean to give us this hot story about 2 friends who both want more (although neither knows this!) but are afraid to take it to the next level for fear of wrecking what they do have already especially since they don't know if the other would even want to do that!  Of course the fact that Jacob is more than 'just' human is also a factor for him to consider.  I rather liked both characters and really hope that more is out there already!  I want to get to know them both more and see where this is going to go!  Even without the “ending” it is a great story that I would not only recommend this book, but I am looking forward to reading this over & over!  I am newer to Sarah’s writing, but I am loving it so far and can’t wait to continue reading her books.




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