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Michelle M. Pillow

His Highness the Duke by Michelle M. Pillow


Paranormal Dragonshifter Romance 
Dragon Lords 5: His Highness The Duke 

The would-be heroine… 

Aeron wants nothing more than to continue to live out her very long, solitary life in a small metal room listening to communications for the Federation Military. It’s not glamorous. It’s not even charming. But it’s safe. There’s no chance of getting hurt. 

When she intercepts a communication about the impeding genocide of the Qurilixian people, she has no choice but to act. No one at the Federation seems inclined to do anything about the threat and suddenly it’s up to her to save a whole planet. Enlisting the help of her degenerate sister, Aeron finds herself signed up as a prospective bride to the very barbarians she’s trying to save. 

The man who did not need saved… 

High Duke of Draig, Lord Bron, is not looking forward to his seventh failed attempt at a marriage ceremony, but when he sees the lovely Aeron he knows instantly his years of waiting have finally paid off. The gods have blessed him with a life mate… or have they? His new bride is insistent she’s not there for marriage, but for a mission. It’s up to Bron to convince her to stay, or risk spending the rest of his life alone. 

ABOUT THE SERIES (Books 5-8): 
The Noblemen brothers aren’t new to the sacred Qurilixian bridal ceremony. After several failed attempts at finding a bride, it’s hard to get excited about yet another festival. No matter how honorable they try to live, it would seem fate thinks them unworthy of such happiness--that is until now. 

With very few words spoken and the shortest, most bizarre courtship in history, they will bond to their women forever. And once bonded, these men don’t let go. 

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Thoughts by Cherri-Anne 

5 Stars

In a way, you are now his guiding light.   


It was insanity. It was perfect. Perfect insanity.  AWWW!!  I found this story to be as enjoyable - actually even more so -  than the first books in this series which surprised me!  I didn't think that this series could have the same great kind of stories as the ones that told of the 4 princes & their brides, but I liked that the differences in Bron & Aeron's marriage tale gave a whole new breath of fresh air into the familiar Breeding Ceremony and what comes next.  “Let this be the year. He’d made his offering. He lived a good life.”  And oh boy!  There is a LOT that follows!!  I liked that this didn't focus so much on stubborn & unruly brides, but that it did focus on a more softer side.  I did cry a lot more reading this one story than I did in the previous four combined!  Poor Aeron!  “This was not safe or routine. These men represented chaos and danger.”  After learning about her history and getting an understanding of her people's lifespan I just wanted to hug her!  I loved how her & Bron were able to...HA!  No way!  I'm not gonna ruin all of the magic for you!  Suffice it to say that Michelle has given new life to this series, making it a little more tender, giving more info on the Worlds, the species and their way of life.   Where the Princes’ stories (books 1-4) focused more on the couple, well lack of actually, this story gave more insight into the way of life for the Lords and their people as well as more outside of “Castle” life.  More “Family” life.   I enjoyed that a lot!   Of course, that is not to say that everything was perfect from the start!   "Patience. He needed patience.  And an ungodly amount of luck."  "They can be overbearing and impossible at times. They will spin you in circles with their ways until you want to hit them over the head with the nearest rock. I can relate."  “Bron has his appeal, as well,” Aeron said, “when he’s not speaking to me as if I am to be ordered about like a servant."  "She wasn’t going to spend the rest of her short life being dismissed and treated like a servant."  (I think that those quotes say it all!  Gotta love Michelle!  I know I do!)  Once again Michelle has mesmerized me with a funny, touching, sexy, beautifully written romantic tale!  I have had the pleasure of reading quite a few of her books and have yet to find one that is NOT a fantastic & entertaining read!  I love that this is now the 6th book that I have read about the Draig people and there is STILL more stories to be discovered!  Yes, some of them are already written, but I have it on good authority that the Draig & Var muse(s) keep on providing, okay, pestering, Michelle with even more secrets to be discovered!  And didn't King Llyr say that in a few years there would be a record number of bachelors attending the Breeding Ceremonies?!?   Hmmm...maybe those muses are reaching out to us readers in hopes that we can help persuade Michelle to keep on writing these amazing stories?!  No wonder Michelle is a USA TODAY BEST-SELLING AUTHOR AND A NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER TOO!  Either way, we all know that Michelle is truly a very gifted author with a phenomenal abundance of talent and ANY story she writes will be one well worth the read time & again! 


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