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Teshelle Combs

Sake by Teshelle Combs


The Core Series continues with book 4, a crucial novella that delves into the hidden world of the grey court judges. 


Ima has spent centuries imprisoned in a life of luxury and refinement. All she's ever wanted was to be with Papu, for her own sake. But when her love threatens to leave the grey court, Ima is forced to get rid of the one who stands between her and the way out...the Accuser. 

Follow Ima down the haunted hallways of the floating grey dragon court. This story intertwines with VANE (book 3) and explores the mysteries of the series. 


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Thoughts by Cherri-Anne 

5 Stars

Love wins. Always. Love wins.   


Or does it?  WOWOHWOWOHWOW!! I did not EVER think that I would have enjoyed a story of The Greys, but WOW! This is fantastic!  It sheds so much light on the series, but yet brings so much dark at the same time!  Oddly enough Ima was the only Grey that made me curious and want to know more about them as a whole, which I am now realizing that this was exactly Teshelle's intentions!  I have to admit that I was flabbergasted at the end!!  DID NOT SEE THAT COMING!  But of course, that is part of the reason that I love this Core series that Teshelle has written.  NOTHING is predictable, NOTHING is 'common' or the 'typical'!!  Teshelle has found herself a lifetime fan in this reader!!

I love this unique way that Teshelle tells these stories.  Each novel tells and follows, the main storyline in great detail, with other people obviously involved, but it is mostly ABOUT Cale and AVA as well as from their point of view, while being told in third person.  Each novella however, focuses on a different set of characters and while telling a part of their story, it also enriches, explains and almost 'fills in the gaps' for a piece of the main storyline.  Sort of a 'behind-the-scenes' look into something or someone.  I recommend reading all of the books in order to get the full experience and to get a better understanding and explanations on some parts & pieces of the full length novels.  Without reading these, you will be lost.  Trust me!  Of course, since you are or will be as absorbed into this series as I am, you will want to read ANY and EVERY book that you can because you can NEVER have enough CORE!  NEVER EVER!  These answer some questions, shed the light on others, but if course they also leave you wanting MORE!  More story to read, more adventure to go on, more answers...and of course they completely enrich the whole storyline & the magic, the romance and the beauty of it all!!  I truly cannot wait for the next book, which I think might be the last!  What a HORRIBLE thought!!!  Teshelle truly shows her astronomical talent when it comes to writing this series!!!  She has this way that just pulls you in, hooks you and keeps you until long after you are finished reading!  The way that she reveals answers, produces new mysteries and makes you think about it and has you gasping, laughing, crying, hanging on to the edge of your seat and has you tensed waiting to see what is going to happen next is COMPLETELY GENIUS and BRILLIANT and OH SO ENGROSSING!!  This is a series that will ALWAYS remain on my TBR shelf for years & years to come!


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