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Terry Bolryder

Alpha Champion by Terry Bolryder


Lily Mason is tired of her father's machinations. Seven years ago he tore her away from the love of her life because he was only half alpha. Now he's holding a tournament where full blooded alphas will fight to claim her. She doesn't want any part of it, but if she runs, her little sister takes her place. Lily's ready to give up on her own happiness, until a familiar face appears amongst the contestants fighting to win her. 

Lucas Vale doesn't care that the tournament is for full-alphas only. He's determined to use his brother's name and invitation to make sure that no other male gets close to his mate. He's been looking for Lily for years, ever since her father separated them as teens. But Lucas isn't a lovesick teen anymore. He's a world champion fighter who is ready to kick some alpha trash if it means rescuing the woman he loves. 

But he'll have to be careful not to be caught, which is difficult when sparks fly from the moment he sees Lily and her beautiful curves again. Now he'll have to fight his way through full blooded alphas with powerful advantages. But Lucas isn't worried. 

He may be half alpha, but he's 100% sure he can do anything for the woman he loves.

Thoughts by Cherri-Anne 

 5 stars

He looked incredible.   


She sighed happily, which was probably the most bliss-inducing thing he’d ever heard.  All he had was Lily.  All he wanted was Lily.  WHEW!!  What I wouldn't give to have my own Lucas!!  Once again Terry has held me so entranced that I read this book from start to finish all in one go!  I am so intrigued with Terry's shifter books!  They are shifter books, but so far in all of her books that I have read, the focus is on a great storyline that leads the couple to their HEA and they just happen to be more than 'mere' human(s).  I enjoyed this book so much!  I can't wait to read the next books because I am pretty sure there will be at least 2 more books that will each spotlight a brother & their own path towards a HEA with their mate.  Let's hope that is true!  I really love Terry's writing style and of course her choice of subjects.  Her stories have a great flow to them and have the perfect blend of romance, hotness, some manner of conflict and/or intrigue, hot sex  all with a great creativity to them that leads them to stand above a lot of other shifter books out there.  Terry has this beautiful way or knack, of using her remarkable gift for storytelling that enables & enhances everything to such a point that you become so immersed into the story, that you forget that it is in fact a story!  Well up until the end, of course!  She takes everything and beautifully blends it all together to create a story that is deep, rich, enjoyable and is the perfect length.  I never thought I would say that since I am always hoping for more story so I don't have to say good-bye to my new friends, but Terry writes her stories as almost a snapshot of the time from when the couple meet to when they claim each other or accept the mate bond.  Almost a Shifter Fairy Tale or is that Tail?! 


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