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Kia Carrington-Russell

Token Huntress by Kia Carrington-Russell


The sun’s light dimmed many centuries before; now in the year of 2,341 rampant vampires now stalk their victims in a half-lit world. Humanity has been overtaken by a new society: one comprised of vampires, the supernatural beings that hunt them, and the remaining humans they fight over. The laws and rules that once bound our world have long since been lost. Now, the Hunter Guild struggle to stay one step ahead of the Vampire Council. 
Esmore, Token Huntress, has exceeded all expectations at only 18 years of age. She is fearless leader to her team, and she is relentless in her pursuit of the enemy. There is only one problem: Esmore is struggling to repress the growing darkness that seduces her from within. Esmore takes another step into the darkness when she encounters a teasing, tantalizing -- utterly unignorable -- vampire. 
The lines between right and wrong are blurred further as Esmore gives into her temptation, and her reality becomes deliciously tainted both with evil and with lust.   

Thoughts by Cherri-Anne 

5 Stars

The darkness within me...  


His touch ceased my rage quickly.  WHEW!  & WOW!!  This is one FANGTASTICALLY ENTHRALLING book!  I wanted to read this book for 2 reasons - Kia & Vampires! I was disappointed in...NOTHING!!  This is such a rich story steeped with a deep history, multi-faceted characters and exceptional scene/realm/world building that makes it all feel so real!  I felt like I was a part of the story, partially because it is told in first person, but also because of Kia's phenomenal flair for storytelling!  It all just reaches out and pulls you right in making you feel like you are right there seeing, hearing, experiencing everything & living with Esmore, and the further into the story you get, the more you come to understand her like she is a part of you, or rather you are a part of her since this is HER story!  I found that Esmore was a character that I could relate to in some ways, as well as understand her motives & reasons behind her decisions and actions.  I may not agree with them, but I could see where she was coming from, so to speak.  The descriptive elements only added to the story making it even richer and giving it the depth that has you closing your eyes and picturing it all – the people, the weapons, the living quarters, the training centre, their surroundings, just EVERYTHING!  I was very impressed with the continuity and the attention to detail, but no worries!  It is not overdone nor does it make the story drag or feel dry and wordy.  Having the different species or races, along with all of the different abilities and the variations amongst them was one of many of my favorite features!  I loved all of the unique qualities within the story as well.  I had no idea what was going to happen next, I knew what I wanted to happen, but well, that is another story! LOL  I have read a LOT of paranormal books with at least half of them involving vampires.  I cannot think of any book that was even somewhat similar to Token Huntress!  I hope that Kia enjoyed writing this story as much as I did reading it because I cannot imagine ever wanting to leave Esmore, her world & this series!  In my opinion this all combines as a perfect example of just how brilliant Kia truly is and I look forward to reading her books for many years to come!  I can see numerous awards and #1 books in her future, if Token Huntress is any indication!


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