Thursday, June 4, 2015

Monica La Porta

Raphael by Monica La Porta
Raphael has nowhere to go, nobody who loves him, and his past has scarred him deeply. A young werewolf on the run, living rough in the catacombs beneath Rome and with nothing else to call his own but his freedom, he desperately tries to elude the Controller whose goal is to send him back to Renegade Youth Shelter and a life of torments.
As he lives day by day with the constant threat of being captured, his future looks dark and lonely.
That is until a chance meeting with Luisa; a werewolf like him whose scent marks her as his one true soul-mate. Much to his despair, their encounter is cut short as he flees from the enforcer chasing after him.

His heart broken and his wolf bereft, Raphael will sacrifice everything to be reunited with Luisa. Even his freedom when he discovers she’s been abducted by a street gang. But, will it be enough?
Thoughts by Cherri-Anne
My rating = 5 stars
His one true soul-mate  
She’s my mate and I love her.  *dreamy sigh*  Now doesn’t that just make your heart sing?  Isn’t that why we all read romance books?  To find that True Love that can only exist in a paranormal romance – or at least the kind with a wolf or vampire that is!  The only question now is whether Raphael can find Luisa…again!!!  Raphael spoke to me right from the start of the book!  I couldn’t believe the life that he was living, if that is what you could even call it!  I absolutely loved Monica’s writing style and the way that we get to know Raphael.  To me, that is EXACTLY why I loved this story so much!!  You move forward in time with Raphael, but at the same time you get glimpses, flashes and full on memories of his life leading up to where we first meet him.  I loved the realism in this story too!  I have never been to Rome, let alone to Monica’s Rome, but I felt like I could see the areas that Raphael was living in, visiting or just passing through.  I do have to admit that everything he has been through was not only horrible but despicable that others know what went on, but did nothing to stop it or change it.  Even if they did, it was too late for Raphael.  That all being said, for him to be such a strong, respectable, honest person that I could actually respect and look up to…that is the amazing part!  Of course, never knowing just what he was going to do next, or what was going to happen to or around him next, was just WOW!!!  Every time I turned the page (okay, tapped the screen) I kept waiting for Luisa to appear.  Then she does, and she is gone again.  What a roller coaster ride this story is!  So many awesome good moments and so many times I was glued to the screen, worrying about what was going to happen!  Of course, I always like to think that because I am reading a romance type book, that it will all work out in the end, but we all know that is not always how things go!  Especially since this is actually my first book by Monica!!!  Until you read a book or three, you never know the route that the author is going to take you on.  Now?  Now I can say that I cannot wait to have Monica send me on new adventures for years to come!  The best part – I have a few books to read to catch up, so I have something to pass the time with while waiting for the next Immortal Youth book to come out!!!  I didn’t realize that this was set in an existing world already because I did NOT feel like I was missing that “something” that comes from jumping into the middle of a series.  Although this is book 1 of The Immortal Youth series, so I will not panic that I read it out of order or anything!  LOL  All in All, I have to say that his is a fantastic story, I cannot wait to read all of the other Immortal books, as well as any other paranormal type stories that Monica has out!  I am now a HUGE FAN of Monica La Porta and you will be too as soon as you read this book!!!!
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