Thursday, June 4, 2015

Terry Bolryder

Remem-bear Me (Polar Heat #4) by Terry Bolryder
The papa bear finally gets his mate...

Sam Weston is tired of his son's clumsy attempts to set him up. They clearly didn't inherit his talent for matchmaking, and besides, he's still in love with his fated mate who has been gone for twenty years. But when his sons make an ad to promote their island resort and show off their sexy dad, it somehow draws in the one woman he still wants. Sam thinks he's dreaming, until he realizes the love of his life has no memory of their lives together.

Joanne Weston knows from the moment she sees Sam that she made the right decision to come to the Caymans after seeing that cheesy ad. For twenty years, she's been been trying to figure out who she is and recover the memory loss she sustained after a terrible accident. The moment she looks into Sam's gorgeous blue eyes, she knows there's something between them that transcends everything. She just needs him to help her remember.

Sparks quickly fly between the two reunited lovers, and Sam is overjoyed to have his mate back in his arms. But as memories from the past creep ever-closer, Sam and Joanne will be presented with the most difficult decision they have ever made. Remain happy but ignorant about the reasons they were separated, or face the truth, no matter how painful it may be?
Thoughts by Cherri-Anne
My rating = 5 PAWS errr STARS
Terry has broken the polar bear mold with this one!! 
It was like coming back to your heart.  She was still his. She had to be.  This is such an amazing story!!  It is a polar bear fairy tail!  snicker  I was so excited to read this one!  When I was reading the first three books in this series - one for each of Sam's sons - I always felt like something was 'missing' or left-out when it came to Sam & his mate's story, but even I could never have predicted this story and how it plays out!  I was truly hoping that there was some kind of reason - a great one at that - as to why Jo had taken off, and stayed away, and even though I had some theories, I didn't think on it too hard as I didn't realize that Terry was going to do their story.  BUT SHE DID!!!  And what a story it is!  Let me just say this - I did not predict anything close to what happened nor how it ended!  *sigh*  isn't that the best kind of stories though?  I am trying hard to not give anything aware & ruin their story, but I am sure I can say this much - I loved when they went out on his yacht ...hmmm, I guess that would say too much!  I adored the updates on the boys & their mates!  Oh!  I can say that I laughed out loud with how Jo's memory starts to 'come back' for lack of a better word.  Read it!  You will see and hopefully love it as much as I do!  As with any other of Terry's books I have read so far, this one will stay in my 'books to read over & over'.  When I reviewed One in a Bear-llion I said this:  "With all of the little hints that Terry gave us in the first two books, and then the outright teasing in this book...well all I can say is that Terry had better be planning at least one more - longer- book to get ALL of Sam's story! Past, present and future!"  There is not one word I would change and I am ecstatic that Sam's story did in fact get told!!  Now I hope that Terry has plans to do at the very least one more story in this series, possibly set in the future - if near future, how the mates are all doing, how many kids they have, etc. or if further in the future, maybe on Sam's grandcubs with possibly Sam helping them to find their own mates!  Wouldn't that be pawsome??  You are correct!  I love this series way too much to say good-bye to them!  Terry is one very talented & gifted author that is able to catch your attention right from the beginning, heck even from those amazing covers!!! My attention was fully focused on the story from start to finish, I couldn't put it down until I knew what was going to happen!  I loved that this story was "different" than the first 3 books.  In those ones, Sam sets up his 3 sons with their mates while in this one, the boys try to do the same for him.  The problem?  He already has a mate!  So this one is focused on finding out why they are not together and haven't been for 20 years and how to confront their past to try to have a future together.  To me, that is one of the many points that are a perfect example of just how gifted Terry truly is! 
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