Thursday, June 4, 2015

Sarah Makela

Highland Moon Rising by Sarah Makela
New Adult Paranormal Romance

A kitten in a werewolves' lair...

A Highland reunion...
After months of trying to rescue her werewolf half-brother Colin who was abducted by evil research scientists, wereleopard Caitlyn has come home to Scotland to console her sibling. But her problems are far from over...

Red in tooth and claw...
Still heady and wanton from the power of last night's full moon, Caitlyn is in mortal danger. Werewolves have little respect for other shifters, and she's trapped and caged at the Scottish Pack's HQ and at the mercy of Alistair--the vicious wolf who fathered Colin and abused her mother, and who's capable of murder...

The sweet smell of arousal...
Her scent can save her, or kill her. Dougal, the Pack's new Alpha, hungers to strip her naked and satiate his fiery lunar lust. But he also senses this beautiful feline with clover-green eyes that shine through the bars of her prison with burning desire is nearing the end of her strength. Will he deny his dominance, and the moon's lingering power, to be the protector she needs?
Thoughts by Cherri-Anne
My rating = 5 stars
She would be mine, and mine only.  
My beast recognized her as something more.  Why had I expected him to be different?  But I knew he didn’t want to let me go.  WHOOOOEEEE!!  Now THAT was one helluva story!  So much emotion compressed into this short story that I am shocked it didn't explode!  I am loving these little 'interludes' of Sarah's.  I was intrigued with Caitlyn and her 'situation', her reasons for being where she is at the beginning of the story.  Sarah was able to give so much of her history, her background, in such a way that while the story keeps moving forward you still learn all you need to know about her.  And what a history she has!  I couldn't help but want to console her, protect her and at the same time step back and let her fight her own battles.  Dougal.  Dougal, Dougal, Dougal!  YUMMY!  Now HE is a shifter I could love!  The way he does things, treats others & his pack mates, never mind the whole Caitlyn situation!  I absolutely loved how Sarah tells this story!  The Scottish aspect to it - that part was AWESOME!!!  Somehow Dougal being Scottish just makes him even hotter!  But then when he 'relaxes' his control - okay, when he loses it - and starts speaking full-on Scottish, well now he is as sexy as he could ever be!!  LOVE IT!!  Even though this is a brief story that is very loosely tied to the other stories, I enjoyed it immensely and loved the small parts that do link it to this series.  Now if I could just convince Sarah that all of these people - shifters & humans alike - all need their own full length stories – emphasis on the plural - at the very least, then I would be one super excited and contented avid reader/stalker!  I am loving Mia & Ethan's story and don't like that it keeps getting 'interrupted' with other stories so I figure if everyone has their own book, at the very least one book, then it would just be soooo pawfect!  I hope that we get to revisit Scotland a LOT!!
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