Thursday, October 15, 2015

Artemis Wolffe

Bearing Gifts by Artemis Wolffe and Jenna Wilde


American born Caleb Anderson is employed as the palace gardener for the royal family. He’s hard working with rough hands and a softer heart, but life is perfectly ordinary for him until one night changes everything and before he knows it, he can’t get enough of HRH Prince Henry Wessex but there’s something not quite right about him and the more he notices it, the more his life is put in danger. 

Prince Henry doesn’t know what he wants in life but the only thing he’s sure of is that he won’t find it in the woman he’s been forced to marry, especially after the stolen kiss he shared with the handsome palace gardener and whilst trying to keep his inner bear hidden and himself from hurting Caleb, he has to come to terms with the shocking consequences. 

As both men explore their instant connection, can they really build a relationship whilst one of them struggles to contain the animal inside? 


Thoughts by Cherri-Anne

My rating = 5 stars


all I can feel is the wildness coming out in me.


WOW!  What a very intriguing story!  There are so many… odd... unique ...pieces to this one, but they all click perfectly together to form one entertaining & heartwarming story!  I actually enjoyed the innocence of both Prince Henry and Caleb.  It added a very sweet element helping to make the story about figuring out your heart’s desire, finding your mate, finding true love and getting the Happily Ever After that YOU want!  I find that Artemis has a tremendous amount of talent mixed in with a genuine gift & love for PAWESOME romantic short stories that enables him the ability to write such sweet, romantic & happy stories.  But it goes even further and deeper than that!  They are love stories that have you focused on the love part, the shifter part and the story as a whole, not on the fact that it is two men that have found love with each other and that they will soon be dads.  It is a great story that I recommend to anyone looking for a great, shorter love story that is both terrific and FURRIFICALLY unique!  (I recommend any & ALL of Artemis’ stories for that very same reason!)




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