Monday, November 16, 2015

Roxie Noir

A Bear’s Journey (Shifter Country Bears book 4) by Roxie Noir


Most days, Olivia Lessing barely feels human. After all, she’s spent her adult life as a feral grizzly roaming Cascadia, free from the obligations and baffling emotions of human relationships. Now that she’s back, she’s slowly discovering that not everything about being human is bad. There’s indoor plumbing, marshmallows... and two sexy bears she can’t stop thinking about. 

A fleeting glance of her red-gold fur was all they had, and then she was gone. Ever since, shifter mates Jasper and Craig have been searching for the beautiful bear they know is the third and final piece to their triad. There’s only one problem: their soulmate is nowhere to be found. 

Working for his father one day, Jasper stumbles across Olivia and recognizes her instantly. Neither he nor Craig knows if a once-feral bear can still mate for life, but neither are willing to let her slip through their fingers again. 

Just as things are heating up, a rogue wolf from Olivia’s feral past starts stalking them. He seems determined to make the still-recovering girl lose her mind, but will Jasper and Craig be enough reason for her to stay human? 

Or is the call of the wild too much for the formerly feral Olivia? 

A Bear's Journey is a fiery, erotic romance, with two sexy shifters in love, a heroine who's anything but meek, and a threesome that might melt your screen!


My rating = 5 GOLD BEARS


If I act like I recognize them, will they know that I think about them naked?    


AWWWWWWWW! What a truly BEARLICIOUS story!!  It's so sweet, hot, heart-breaking, heart-warming, even heart-melting!!  All I can think is "poor Olivia" but then I follow it up with "What a BEARY brave gal"!!  The thoughts that fly through her mind are sometimes so hilarious, that you can't help but laugh.  On the other paw, other times it breaks your heart!  I went on this roller coaster ride that is so chock full of twists, shocks, laughter, tears, anger, hope, pride & love to bring one helluva story that I NEVER expected nor predicted!!  But that makes it that much more FURTASTIC!!  I ABSO-FURRY-LUTELY loved the family BEARUNION!  Catching glimpses and updates of the other triads was the peanut butter on the top of a BEARY WONDERFUR story!   Once again Roxie has me happily living in Cascadia alongside my extended bear family & their mates, but this time from Olivia, Jasper & Craig's perspectives.  Actually that doesn't give this story nor Roxie true justice.  I not only experienced this all WITH Olivia but also AS Olivia!  With her BEARY FURNOMENAL talent and her magical way with words, Roxie has me quite solidly entrenched into not only this story, but all of the stories that make up this SHIFTASTIC Shifter Country Bears series!!   It is such a PAWMAZING & PAWFECTLY GRRRRREAT series that I can't help but squeal like a little girl each time a new book is released!   Everything that Roxie puts into these stories is exactly what turns a book from 'just a story' into the most BEARTASTIC, most FURRIFIC and most SHIFTACULAR stories & series that they are!!  





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