Thursday, February 4, 2016

Lashell Collins

Soul Stealer (Rock Shifter Fairytales book 1) by Lashell Collins


What do you get when you cross a smoking-hot rock star with a sexy wolf shifter, then throw in a heaping dose of gothic fairytale enchantment? Aleigha Daniels is about to find out! 

In a world where human-shifter relations are often volatile and riddled with unfair presumptions on both sides, Aleigha finds it difficult to trust. Fairytales are for little girls because in real life, men cheat. Something Aleigha knows all too well. There are no enchanted castles and no Prince Charmings who will sweep you off your feet. So when she's forced into interviewing the sexy, enigmatic, and eccentric shifter rock star, Morpheus Wolfe, at his creepy mansion out in the middle of nowhere, all Aleigha can see is the fear inside her own heart. And when circumstances trap her there, Aleigha begins a journey she never expected to take. What she doesn't know is that Morpheus has an agenda, and sometimes fairytales do come true.


My rating = 5 GOLD HEARTS


Was it possible that Morpheus Wolfe wasn’t a beast at all?      


WOW!!  What a FANGTASTICALLY romantic & PAWMAZING story!!  This is my first Lashell experience and WHOA BABY!!  What an experience it is!  It is one truly FURRIFIC story that held me captive from the cover all the way to "And they lived happily ever after."   hmmmmm, must be that shifter magic that everyone is talking about!  Actually, it is all of that AUTHOR magic that had me mesmerized!  Lashell is one SHIFTASTICALLY talented storyteller!  As soon as I started reading, I became so intrigued with just how unique the story itself was that I didn't - couldn't - stop reading until I hit those two words most hated by any reader – The End!  In fact, I stayed up almost all night to read it!  I was too engrossed to even WANT to sleep!  The way that Lashell made these shifters all her own was PURE GENIUS!!!  All of their abilities, histories, variety of shifters as well as their shifting “powers” - it all ABSO-FURRY-LUTELY blew me away!  Okay, the ENTIRE story did to the point that I was consumed by it!!  I LOVED IT!!!!  It all played out exceptionally different than I expected, but in ALL of the BEST ways PAWSSIBLE!  What could easily have been a “creepy” part, was oh-so-beautiful, romantic and WOLFERRIFIC!  The love that the guys have for each other, the way they look out for each other, the way they take care of each other was all so FURRY touching, FURRY, FURRY special and touched my heart making me melt & cry!  I can’t wait to see them fall too!  Fall in love that is!  I bawled when...OOOPS!!  I can't tell you without spoilers, but you will know the exact part when you get to it.  And when I had finally calmed down and stopped crying...THAT happened and the waterworks started all over again!  In my opinion, if I can get so absorbed into the story, where I feel both for & with the characters, where I feel like I am LIVING the story, that I have become one with it, then that is undeniable proof of just how WOLFTASTIC both the story is as well as how PAWSITIVELY genuinely gifted the author is!  The backgrounds of the shifters & humans is well thought out, very developed and exceptionally fascinating!  Add in the world building, species backgrounds, character development, as well as the creativity of it all as a whole, and you get one deeply enriched SHIFTACULAR start to this FANGTABULOUS new series by Lashell!  I am 110% addicted already!  I so cannot wait for more because there is at least 3 other guys whose stories are just begging to be told!  Hmmm, Aleigha has a couple of friends who would die just to MEET the band, let alone anything else! ;)  Only time & Lashell will tell! :)






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