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Road Kill MC Series by Marata Eros

Noose (Road Kill MC Novella 1) by Marata Eros




★★★# 1Heist & Organized Crime Thriller Bestseller★★★ 


A smorgasbord of sweet butts, one for every taste. 

Noose has a sweet tooth that won't quit, and a clubwhore to suit his every need. 
Being a part of the Road Kill Motorcycle Club isn't a hard choice for Noose. A former Navy Seal and expert knotter, he's seen realtime choices—in circumstances most never do. 

It's killing road. Women and freedom are the benefits of being a one percenter. 

Until Rose Christo comes along and slams the brakes on his outlaw existence. 


Rose Christo knows death. 

Murder stole her sister, and gave her a son that's not hers. 
Love doesn't come in neat packages; it comes in the form of a five-year-old boy. 
Love is packaged in a man that tears out her heart with a brutal sexuality that strips Rose of her most sacred vow. 

Never count on a man. 

Never love. 


When her sister's murderer comes calling, demanding his property, who does Rose trust? 

Novella length, app. 85 pages/21K words



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What would it be like to be with someone who could consume me?   5 GOLD KNOTS

It's the road. The bike. And the women. Not always in that order.  Then I see her, and time slows to a crawl.  WHOA!!  NOOOOOOOOSE!  snicker  Talk about being tied up in knots!  Even though this is not the usual book I would read - I mean come on!  There is not a vampire or shifter to be had!! - I did read it and I LOVED IT!!  I first read the sample of the story that is available through the "look inside" feature and was caught in its NOOSE immediately!!  It is a gritty story complete with bikers, one percenters & everything that goes with them.  Then there is Rose.  Ah, Rose.  Whether she realizes it or knot, whether HE realizes or knot, Noose definitely has a thorn in his cut for (& from) Rose!  I was so enthralled with this story, eagerly & impatiently wanting to keep reading, to find out what happens after that "sample" left me hanging!   I felt consumed, not knowing where I ended or the book started!  Completely hypnotised by the Bad Boy Biker and the - his - delicate flower...   With it being told in first person, it not only enriches the stories, but it gives the story this depth too, ensuring that I am roped in & and held in its noose way past the end of the series!  To be honest, I haven’t read too many biker books, so I am not very familiar with the lifestyle and everything else that goes with them, so this was definitely a book out of my “paranormal comfort zone”!  However, I found that I LOVED being outside of said comfort zone!  But that can all be attributed to Marata!  I love Marata/Tamara's writing style, with the darker tones, they are most often raw, edgy, gritty and naughty in all the right ways, so much so that I am instantly held rapt in her spell.  However it is not all tough biker stuff, there is humor, hot & naughty moments, cheerful & heartwarming moments, and so much more.  My two favorite lines, or at least the 2 I can share!  “He's such a large guy, so strong that everything else is just icing on top of the man cake.”  “I bite his neck like a vampire on crack.”  HA!  Love it!  Marata/Tamara has this phenomenal talent, but when you add in her genuine gift & magical way of crafting stories that I knot only WANT to read, but ones that I HAVE to read, no, that I NEED to read, well, let's just say I am wholly & completely consumed mind, body, spirit & soul every. single. time!  All in all - if you are looking to be ensnared, or want a story that you can become one with instantly both in & by your next read, then NOOSE, is THE One for you!  Don't forget that you get bonuses with this one – Marata has also included TWO of her others books in with Noose as well!!!  So get your copy NOW!  You will NEVER be disappointed with anything that has Marata Eros or Tamara Rose Blodgett on it!  NEVER!



Knot (Road Kill MC Novella 2) by Marata Eros





Rose has a job.To protect her nephew, Charlie. A hot motorcycle thug isn't enough of a reason to get in the way of that.

Except the one who saves her from a torture so vile, she doesn't know who she is anymore.

Drake is determined to take Charlie from her, and he'll play dirty to do it.

Noose is just as determined to protect her from the Road Kill's number one rival MC.

Can he do it when she denies his protection?

Rose will not end up like her sister Anna.


Rose soon discovers there are worse things than death.


Noose's life has been turned upside down.

Rose Christo is more than she seems, and involved in way more than she should be.

When a certain Chaos Rider kidnaps her as a means of coercion, Noose finds he's willing to tie a knot especially for Diablo, aka Drake.

Not to kill--to warn.

But Noose wasn't put on this blue marble to warn men who threaten his property.

Even if the woman that's his property, doesn't know it.


Knot contains scenes of graphic violence. Might contain triggers.

Novella length.




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You're mine, Rose.        5 GOLD KNOTS


You were mine before I met you. You're mine now. You just don't know it.  Some kind of compromise of Rose Christo has begun.  WHOA!  I cannot believe just how ensnared I am by this story!  This story is tense, intense but it had me gripped, held tight in its Knot, like a Rose in a Noose!  There are so many lines, quips, thoughts, etc. that I want to share, but I can't!!  Ignoring those nasty little spoilers, the reason I want to share them is the very same reason I can't!  The lines are so powerful, so poignant, and just begging to be shared… except I can’t share them because of the language!  J  Aren’t you just itching to read this now? wink  When I read a great book & live the story with and/or as the characters, there's not much more I can ask for!  With this one I AM Rose!  All her innocence, her naive views of bikers, her views on them, well a lot of that is me too!  Not in a bad way, of course!  I just mean that I'm as innocent & naive as Rose when it comes to the whole "biker thing".  It makes this story that much more compelling to me, pulls me so deep I feel like I am channeling every emotion of Rose's, feeling it, living it, everything!!!  I'll be the first to say that this is NOT my kind of book.  I don't like the horror part of it, even the thought of attempted rape, etc.  HOWEVER, even with all that there is NO WAY I was going to pass this up!  I read the "look inside" feature for Noose and I was caught in its loop!  Because this is a Marata Eros book, I knew it would be raw, gritty and oh so BIKERTASTIC!  And WOW!  I WAS SOOO RIGHT!  However, what I did NOT expect to happen was the way this story captured me, caught me and didn't - wouldn't - let go!  I am completely consumed to the very depths of my soul with this story/series and I CANNOT wait to see how it will end!!  Marata Eros is one phenomenal author who has this genuine gift for creating stories that I want to, NEED to read!!


Rose (Road Kill MC Novella 3) by Marata Eros





Drake Corbin, aka Diablo, has plans for Rose Christo that reach far beyond getting his property back. 

He wants another woman to abuse. 

Rose is determined to save Charlie, but when the final verdict is read, her spirit is crushed by the outcome. 

After two encounters with Drake, she knows she will not survive a third. 

Has Rose misplaced her trust in Noose? Is he nothing more than the callous user of women he appears to be—or is he the very thing she needs to survive her life and maybe, find love.... 


Sean King, aka Noose, doesn't need a woman—he never has. 

Then Rose Christo earns something no other woman has ever managed—his trust. Noose's careful facade begins to slip, and he must admit what she means to him: 

More than property. 

More than novelty tail. 

More than anyone has ever meant to him before. 

The woman he loves. 

Is Noose ready to sacrifice everything to tie a knot so permanent, no one will recover? Road Kill, him—Rose? 

Can she stand what he will have to do to keep her safe? 

Novella length 27K words/app. 110 pages ROSE ends app. 30% of the way through, and a FREE, standalone novel has been included for your enjoyment. 



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Where destiny takes, it gives back.     10 GOLD KNOTS

What do you get when you take a hard-core ex-Seal biker named Noose who is the epitome of a one percenter, hell he IS THE One Percenter, who after one glance is so taken by the hot banker girl named Rose - who is definitely in the 99% side of things – well you get this NOOSETACULAR story that held me from the cover of the first part until well after I had finished reading this last part!!!  I had myself in knots trying to figure out which direction to go in for this review.  Do I focus on the happy side?  Do I emphasize the raw, gritty, harsh sides... again?  Or should I - CAN I - do a combination of the two?  Yes the same tense, intense, no holds barred aspect is still there, but it seems different.  Maybe because I know that there is a HEA at the end of this Rainbow Rose.  Maybe because the story becomes that much more amped up, more deeper and with feelings actually being a part of this.  Maybe because I have gotten used to the language, the biker way of life.  Or maybe it's because just like Rose, I have realized that there is so much more to live for, to gain by it all, and because I too, was also snugly roped in by Noose!  I was wound so tight throughout this whole story, but this last part… it pulled feelings out of me that I didn’t even know I had!  I lost count just how many times I cried, not just cried, but gut-wrenchingly bawled!  Of course, there was a helluva lot more going on than just tears – happy & sad, I might add - but I can’t go into those without spoilers slipping the noose, you know what I mean? wink  I think the very fact that I wanted to, couldn't wait, to read this series, a book so outside of my favored/preferred genre & comfort zone, speaks volumes about Marata!!  She is so phenomenally talented with an obvious gift to create these ROSETASTIC stories that suck me in so deep, that touch me soul deep, that have me living the story with the characters and leave me wanting for nothing!  Well except for a vampire or two.  wink


Snare: Road Kill MC book 4 by Marata Eros



A secret baby. A stepbrother that can't forget her.

Book #1, Noose, now FREE for a limited time 
Forbidden Love 

Some women are untouchable. Like a stepsister who's alive because of his sacrifice. 

Snare is part of the Road Kill MC, and as sergeant at arms, he takes his role as protector seriously. 

He always has. 

Snare doesn't discuss the scar that almost took his eye or the ultimate protection it provided for the only woman he's ever loved. 

The sweet butts provide the distraction he needs and the emotional disconnect he craves. 

Snare is married to the club. He doesn't need a woman who disappears without a trace. 


Sarah tries not to think of Snare. It was one night. And he paid for it—they both did. 

The nightmares don't even interrupt her dreams. Much. 

Except for the secret she keeps of the child they had together, life couldn't be more perfect. 

Sarah knows that Snare isn't the type of man to toy with—or lie to. But when her abuser took things too far, Sarah couldn't allow Snare to protect her any longer. She fled and hasn't seen her stepbrother since. 

The price for their love was more than fists and rage. 

It was flesh and blood. 

Can Sarah hide the truth from the one man who protected her with his own life? Will Snare deny his true feelings because of scars that run more than skin deep? 

Snare is a full-length, standalone romantic suspense novel with hot sex, no cheating, strong language, an HEA ending and NO CLIFFHANGERS. Contains disturbing themes that might be uncomfortable for some. Perfect for fans of Joanna Wylde, and who also like the dark fare of Pepper Winters.



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The woman I love.        5 GOLD SNARES


The woman I'd kill to protect.  He's so deep in my blood I couldn't resist him if I tried.  I give him all of me. Because I can.  WHOA BABY!!  What a SNAREIFIC book!!  Marata definitely CAPTURED my attention in the Biker’s SNARE!!  No KITTYNG!  :)  If you saw my reviews for Noose’s story (Road Kill MC novellas 1-3 - Noose, Knot, Rose) you would already know just how far out of my comfort zone these books are!  I mean, come on, there isn’t even a vampire in thoughts, let alone in sight! :)  But when I read the description and then the sample, I was completely caught!  I loved Noose & Rose's story, which to be honest, surprised, shocked the heck out of me!  But Snare & SARA’S STORY!?!?  WOW!!!  I ABSO-SNARE-LUTELY LOVE IT!!  I was COMPLETELY ENSNARED by this book!!  Yes, there is a darker side.  Yes it is intense.  Yes it has a happy ending.  But they have to go through a LOT before they get there, but WOW!!!  Does it ever make it that much more special & precious!  It's not all dark stuff though!  There is also humor, friends, hot stuff, a protector and oh so much more SARATACULAR goodies inside!!  There are a number of touching scenes that had tears running down my face!  I wish I could tell you more, give you a sample, but I don't want to give spoilers, besides, reading them in context is what makes them so touching!!  “Eat my breath, taste my soul, hold my beating heart in his hands.”  Who knew the Big Bad Biker could have a softer – but still intense – side!  :)  With Marata as the author, no matter what 'genre' it falls under, I can now say with complete & utter honesty and confidence, she will have me SNARED in her NOOSE of BOOKTACULAR storytelling with every story she tells!!  It was because of her paranormal books that I first "discovered" Tamara/Marata and I was instantly captured by her darker, gritty & raw brand of storytelling!  Her world building, character development, story plot, series story lines are ALWAYS well thought out and meticulously created so that EVERYTHING flows perfectly, characters stay true, NOTHING is “tweaked” to fit a scene, etc.  I love the way she tells her stories, the intense first person perspective from the main characters, often seeing, living a scene through each character, adds even more depth & richness, in turn upping the entire reader experience factor even higher!!  Marata is the only author I know who can take me so far out of my element and have me LOVING EVERY. SINGLE. MOMENT.  In fact, I actually was so in love with Noose, I was begging to read more!!  I haven't read all of her books - yet - but I am more than eager to catch up, CANNOT WAIT to catch up, while waiting on the next release!! wink  I only know of one author who is that phenomenally talented and truly gifted, who is capable of transporting me into EVERY story, who has me living AS ALL of the characters (not just the females), and who has me BEGGING for more EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. - Marata Eros / Tamara Rose Blodgett!!  All of this, and more, is what makes Tamara/Marata one of my all-time favorite authors!!  (and I will confess that I love, Love, LOVE that this is a FULL story!  No cliff hanger serials with Snare! ;^) )


 Book 1-3 Now Available In A Box Set!


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Hi Readers,

My name is Tamara Rose Blodgett,  I write dark romantic erotica and new adult dark romantic suspense under the pen name Marata Eros. My New Adult Dark Fantasy titles are written under my real name.

Reader feedback is important to me, I take it very seriously. I check my email each day for comments, criticism and praise. All questions about my dark erotica and romance should be directed to the above email address. If you take the time to write, I will take the time to respond.

I am an ardent reader first. I especially enjoy dark paranormal and edgy romantic erotica with suspense and intrigue ;)


Thank you for your support,

Tamara xo





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