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Brazen Rose (Dark Tribal Brotherhood book 1) by Lanna Farrell

Brazen Rose (Dark Tribal Brotherhood book 1) by Lanna Farrell



Dark Tribal Brotherhood Series, Book One

Werewolf and Alpha of his entire pack, Thorn Andreiko is desperately searching for something to help save him from the constant darkness plaguing his mind. As an elite warrior, enforcer of death, and president of his Motorcycle Club, he must deal out punishment to a turned vampire or rogue Lycan, but at what cost to his sanity?
When he meets Jayden Foster for the first time, Thorn instinctively knows she is the light to his darkness, goodness to his evil, and savior of his dark soul.

Jayden doesn't know how she could possibly be the mate to the leader of the Lycans. Thorn is not only dangerous, but the mortal enemy of the very race she's sworn to protect: the vampires.
Jayden resists her wild lust and desire for Thorn until a new evil comes knocking at her door and she is forced to give in to the risk of losing her heart to save her life.

Can he save and protect her, or will she die before he’s able to claim her as his own? Placing all of her trust into this one man means if she wants to live, she must let him make her his.




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You need to follow your heart.    5 GOLD ROSES

You’re the light to his darkness. Only a mate is this strong.  You must seek this man out and save him.  I can’t live without your light to my darkness.  HOLY HOWLING WOLVES!!  Now this is one LYCANTACULAR book and a half!!  H-O-O-W-L!  FINALLY a TRUE full length book!! wink  At over 200 pages, this book held me firmly but lovingly captive in its jaws from the very beginning all the way through to the MATERRIFIC Happy Furry Ever After Tail!  I am blown away by how WOLFTACULAR the story is, how every word has a purpose, nothing is wasted, keeping this story moving with ABSO-FREAKING-LUTELY NO slow, boring or dry parts whatsoever!!!  But that doesn't mean that it is a light & fluffy story, nor is it one of those that has so much going on, it’s hard to follow!  No sir-e-e!  This is THE ABSO-FURRY-LUTELY PAWFECT blend of EVERYTHING you could ever want in one book!!  It has romance, naughty romance *wags eyebrows*, humor, light, dark, fighting, good guys, bad guys, Lycan, Vampires and oh sooo much more!  It is creative and unique in all of the best ways PAWSSIBLE!  It has BITETASTIC storylines with multi-faceted characters that make this compelling story BEYOND captivating and held me from start to finish - almost.  I do the bulk of my reading when I go to bed (no interruptions that way! :) ) and I was very tired, so I felt a little overwhelmed at first because this story hits the ground running!  I was trying to remember everything that is said in the beginning about the different species, their histories, who every person is, etc. but after a couple of times reading through the opening couple of pages and wanting to – NEEDING TO – keep reading (Yes!  It did grab me that quick that I couldn’t put it down if I tried, no matter HOW tired I was!), I decided to just highlight key things and continue on reading, and check back as need be.  Next thing I knew it was 4:30am and I was at the end!!  That right there should tell you just how FURNOMENAL this book is!  But if you need more convincing… :)  It turns out that my lack of memory wasn’t even an issue!!  Lanna EXPAWTLY gives you little refreshers as you go, right when you need them!  How PAWESOME is that!!  I try to NEVER give spoilers, but I have to say that there is this oh so very tender, touching & HOT scene when Thorn first takes Jayden to his place... and… WOW!!  I LOVED IT!!!  Keeping with the unique factor - that ending?!?  WOW!  Even though it went differently than I expected, it wasn't rushed or "glossed" over so to speak.  In fact so much of this book was not “expected” which is yet one more reason why on a list of too many too count, I love, Love, LOVE this book!!  Lanna's BRAZENILLIANT writing style is EXACTLY the reason that this story is so ABSO-HOWLING-LUTELY THORNTASTIC!!  “…losing herself in his eyes, deep among his soul.”  Honestly?  This is how I felt reading this story!  It honestly is THAT ABSO-JAYDEN-LUTELY MATENIFICENT!!  The characters are complex & well-developed and I was connecting to them from the very start!  The storylines & plots are well-thought out, working together, weaving together to create this MAGICALLY SHIFTACULAR tail!  Lanna is a brand-sHIFTing new-to-me author but now that I know what I am missing, I will be doing my very best to catch up!  She is one FURNOMENAL author with an exceptionally true, natural gift!  I am ABSO-FURRY-LUTELY COMPLETELY consumed body, heart, mind & soul!!  I truly cannot wait for more!!!




Lanna Farrell has two beautiful daughters, a son-in-law, whom she adores and two gorgeous grandchildren. She enjoys time together with her family, curled up with a good book or saving any and every animal in her path. Her two dogs are her constant companion and spends most of her time writing, reading or working as an author.


As she recovers from her mental illnesses, PTSD being a large part of her life, her writing helps her as she creates characters who can related to what she suffers on a daily basis.  


She was born and raised in Minnesota, and will continue her life in the State of 10,000 lakes, along with the green grass, parks, and other exciting scenic attractions that bring people to the state. Winter wears on her soul but because her children have created their life here she’ll remain to be close to them.


She found herself retired from the trucking industry far too early because of a debilitating and crippling accident she pushes on and continues to write. Her friends and family will contest she is never too far away from pens, paper or her computer.

Lanna is grateful to have joined the families of JK Publishing and especially excited about joining the family of Naughty Nights Press where she is gaining knowledge on how to create better stories with the help of their staff.


She will contest she can find so many things in this world that pique her interest and inspiration to create entire stories.


To contact her, she can be reached at lannafarrell.com or join her on Twitter@lannafarrell67,  or lanna.farrell.facebook.com

If you’re new to Lanna go to her website and sign up for the FREE books. This will give you a start to a library written specifically for new readers to her. 

She’s taken the time to arrange to do book signings in North St. Paul, and in October 2016 she’ll be at the Book Lover’s Unite Convention in Bloomington, Minnesota. Come on down and see her. She’ll be on a few panels and have her own table at the book signing. If you’d like to say Hi email her at lannafarrell@gmail.com


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