Sunday, November 13, 2016

Dark Ecstasy (The Vampire's Kiss part 7) by Reed James

Dark Ecstasy (The Vampire's Kiss part 7) by Reed James




A female angel faces the temptation of the vampire's dark ecstasy!

Father Augustine, the demon-possessed priest, claims the busty MILF Donna to his harem, corrupting her soul with the dark ecstasy of sin. Donna, Joy, and Samantha all vie to please their priest as they prepare to track down and destroy Damien.

Meanwhile, Damien faces the righteous anger of Aurora, the angel. The vampire hungers for her blood and body. As they fight, Aurora's nubile body trembles, her desires surging. She yearns to feel the dark ecstasy of Damien's vampiric embrace.

But will the angel succumb to her sinful desires? Or will she slay the vampire with her pure, holy light?

Dark Ecstasy is a 8200 word harem, supernatural, vampire, angel, demon, clergy, sinful seduction, oral, lesbian, domination, cheating, submission, menage, MILF, hot wife eroticathat is not for the faint of heart!





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Don't you want to experience the ecstasy of my bite?   5 BLOODY VAMPIRE KISSES


WHOLLY HOTNESS!  Talk about a FANGASMIC story!  Each part adds more depth, further enriching their hole... I mean the story as a whole! wink  Yes this as naughty as they come, but there is a VAMPTASTIC story entwined in & around it that takes me, I mean IT to new heights!  And the twists, turns & shocks in each part always manage to make me gasp!  After reading each part I find myself simultaneously satiated and yet ready & eager for more!  No easy feat, I assure you!  But Reed definitely knows how to use his VAMPHENOMENAL talent to grab me, enthrall me and actually make me thankful this IS a "serial"!!  I don't think I could handle his full Vampy power of a story all at once!! But oh I am so looking forward to find out... well once all but the last part are FINALLY released so I can REED them all to time with the Grande Finale's release! WHOOT




Reed James is a thirty year-old guy living in Tacoma, WA. “I love to write, I find it freeing to immerse myself in a world and tell its stories and then share them with others.” He's been writing naughty stories since high school, furiously polishing his craft, and finally feels ready to share his fantasies with the world.

“I love writing about women who want to be a little (or a lot) naughty, people expressing their love for each other as physically and kinkily as possible, and women loving other women. Whether it's a virgin experiencing her/his first time or a long-term couple exploring the bounds of their relationships, it will be a hot, erotic story!”



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