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Space Ranger Lea Kirk

Space Ranger which is currently only available in the Pets in Space Charity Anthology




Graig Roble is a Senior Commander of security for the Guardian Fleet. His specialty as a weapons specialist and combat master is his world, what he was born to do - or so he thought until he finds his resolve and focus inexplicably wavering. His new position aboard the Atlantis can't even save him; if anything, it has left him questioning his own motives. He never thought that could happen until he met Simone Campbell.


Simone's focus is on her home world - Earth. She thought her life was full with her research as a botanist. After all, she always believed that helping the people of her world become self-sufficient should take all of her concentration - except it doesn't. There is one man that keeps pulling her attention, and her heart, away from her job.


Graig's gift of a puppy to keep her company does more than that, it keeps him in her dreams. How can such a simple gift bring her comfort and make her long for more? Graig and Simone are about to find out that sometimes love can blossom from the smallest, furriest ties.





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Can anything possibly be better than having pets and sci-fi romance combined together?  How about having it told by one of the most SPACETACULAR authors out there?  Then add in the fact that 10% of the first month’s profits go to and you get one ABSO-FURRY-LUTELY PAWFECT story (and collection) to make you purrrrrr... and if you are a sap like me, you will probably shed a few tears, maybe even howl too!  What can I say?  I am a sucker for stories told from the PAWINT of view of a defenseless little one!  Which is why I couldn't help but whimper with poor little soon-to-be Ranger in Lea Kirk's story in this collection!  Of course the ending made it all worthwhile!  And for the record Ranger, I love puppy kisses!  wink  I fell in love with Lea's debut release Prophecy and am LOVING this short story that continues that SPACETASTIC series!  Having it told in part through the eyes of a little puppy was adorable!!!  And getting more story about Simone & Graig made my heart soar!!!  Has me even MORE eager for the release of Salvation (book 2 in the Prophecy series) and I have been chomping to get my paws on that from the moment I finished Prophecy (book 1)!!!  Lea Kirk is one FURNOMENALLY talented author with a true gift for creating stories that are not only out of this world, but stories that transport me to new worlds with them!




Lea Kirk loves to transport her readers to other worlds with her science fiction romances. Her fascination with science fiction began at six years old when her dad introduced her to the original Star Trek TV series. She fell in love with the show, and was even known to run through her parents’ house wearing the tunic top of her red knit pantsuit and her white go-go boots pretending to be Lieutenant Uhura. By nine years old she knew she wanted to be a writer, and in her teens she read her first romance and was hooked.


Ms. Kirk lives with her wonderful hubby of twenty-six years, their five kids (aka, the nerd herd), and a Doberman who is convinced he's a people. 







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Twitter: @LeaKirkWrites

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