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Immortal Redeemed by Linda Thomas-Sundstrom

Immortal Redeemed by Linda Thomas-Sundstrom



Only one woman holds the key to ending a Blood Knight's eternal life… 

Immortal Kellan Ladd has spent centuries looking for the one woman who can put an end to his immortality. But that woman has no idea of her monumental task. Or how much this rebel knight's attraction to her will complicate his mission.  

The leather-clad, Harley-riding stranger was the sexiest man McKenna Randall had ever met. From the minute they touched, she knew they were connected. Now she's about to find out just how tightly bound they are when they must go head-to-head with a nest of deadly vampires…





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a white knight dipped in black leather    5 GOLD SOULS

Kiss. Bed. Naked...Sex. Mystery. Danger. Smile. Eyes. Protection from...vampires.  So, what’s next, my sexy immortal?  OH HOLY BLOOD KNIGHTS!!  What an ABSO-BLOODY-LUTELY FANGNOMENAL book!  WOW!  I am COMPLETELY blown away by how much I love, Love, LOVE this story!  My first taste of Linda's writing was when I recently read her story Dewitched in A Wicked Halloween box set and while I LOVED IT, it also left me craving for more!  So after much deliberation - she does have a LOT of mouth-watering books to choose from - I decided I wanted - NEEDED - to read Immortal Redeemed and it made one helluva impression!  So much so that I am left with an ever bigger problem - which book to read next???  :)  The story itself is BEYOND SOULTACULAR captivating me, ensnaring me from the cover & never letting me go!  It is a little different than I expected, but that is a great thing!  The heat level is there, but not heavily detailed, leaving the focus of their connection to each other to be more than "just physical".  Mouths meeting. Bodies merging. Two lost souls finding each other.  There is a lot of weight to the story as you would expect from an original Knight of the Round Table, but Linda does this so ABSO-FANG-LUTELY PERFECT that you can't help but be swept away from your world & life and into Kellan & McKenna's!  The characters are so multifaceted, so complex, so REAL that I feel like this is more of a combined autobiography than a fictional story!  The power this book has over me is SO HEARTMAZING, it is so hard to put it into words!  Instantaneously I was transported into it, seeing, hearing, thinking, feeling, BEING Kellan, than becoming McKenna, sharing, experiencing, LIVING this momentous & soul changing part of their lives with them!  Having always dreamt of an immortal soul mate (okay!  A vampire soul mate... originally, but now that I have met other kinds – like Kellan, I am not so fussy! wink), Linda has given me that... or at least for a while!  I did have to give him over to McKenna in the end!  But it is still a gift I cherish!  :-)  The attention to EVERY detail, the expertly detailed descriptions not only bring every aspect of the story to life in my mind’s eye, but they are perfectly timed, never overloading you, never dragging or slowing down the pace of the story but rather are so perfectly balanced it enhances, enriches and gives depth to the characters, the storylines and to the story as a whole, in ways that are next-to-impossible to define or explain!  You truly need to read it to believe it! To understand it!  TO LIVE & LOVE IT!!!  Of the hundreds of books I read each and every year, only those rare few affect me so deeply, that resonate within me, leaving me overwhelmed with emotion & in awe of the power that story has over me, and Immortal Redeemed is that book!  The way that Linda tells the story, the beautifully unique & creativity of Kellan & his immortal "status", his history, McKenna and the two souls, the past lives that... well, let's just say that I found EVERY SINGLE ASPECT undeniable proof of just how phenomenally talented Linda truly is!!  I am now beyond eager to binge on all of Linda's books and catch up on all of these PARA-NOMENAL books that have been missing from my tablet, my reading life and my heart & soul!  I have no doubt whatsoever that I will love, Love, LOVE them all!  Immortal Redeemed, Kellan, McKenna and their story has consumed me wholly, utterly & completely - mind, body, heart and souls!  A woman’s lips had been the last thing he’d felt before his new, resurrected life began.  Now a woman’s touch might cause the end of that second round of life.  And of all the beings in the world, it would have to be you, McKenna Randall.  At the end.





Linda Thomas-Sundstrom is an award-winning author of paranormal romance and urban fantasy for Kensington, Amazon Montlake, GothicScapes, and Harlequin Nocturne. She's a teacher by day and a writer by night... and loves more than anything to tell a good tale.


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