Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Keira's Story by TC Smith

Keira was a strong-willed woman, even before she was turned. She never settled for anything less than what she deserved, which is why she was still unmarried when he showed up to the ball. Now, she’d do anything to prove she’s worthy of him, even if it kills her. 
The question is, will it? Is eternity long enough to show Dominic she’s worthy of his praise, and his love?

Dominic had no intentions of leaving the ball with anyone other than the one he had lost so long ago. Yet, when he saw this one, everything changed. She was like a magnet to his soul, always pulling him closer. No matter how hard he pushes her, she always comes back. 
Would she be the one to finally revive his long dead heart? Or, would he push her too far?


I was utterly enchanted.      5 DEMON’S ROSES


It was a magical time for me.  He was a passionate man and the nights were spent in ecstasy.  It was pure heaven.  I could only think of eternity with him.  It was there that it began, and it would be there that it ended.  After several years it still felt like betrayal in her heart.  she felt truly and utterly alone.  She wanted nothing more than to give in to the darkness that was creeping into her very soul.  I made a mistake, one I don’t know if I can correct.  I have damned us all.  WOW!  I love, Love, LOVE this story!  Now before I get into my review I need to say that I didn't read the book description!  I knew all I needed to know - it is a YA Vampire book - and I much prefer to discover everything via the story itself.  So when I first started reading, I wasn't sure what to expect, but from the table of contents this looks like it is three shorter stories, so that had me scratching my head, mostly because the title of the first story is the same as the book - Keira's Story.  However, now that I have finished it - twice! - all I will say is BRILLIANT!  ABSO-BLOODY-LUTELY BRILLIANT!!!  I was all too quickly enchanted, hanging on to every word!  I felt like I had found a secret diary that had belonged to a young lady from a time long past, one who wanted to share her story, confide in someone to share bits of this part of her life that forever changed her, but at the same time, it's like she couldn't say too much, or never expected anyone else to read it, because she kept me guessing, trying to discover more than she was sharing!  But I was so caught up in it all, so captivated, that I HAD to keep reading, needing to know more, so swept away by it all!  It is a lighter, faster read... until it took a shocking turn and threw me for one helluva loop!  I knew EXACTLY how Keira!  Of course, there's more than one of these moments, but this first one affected me the most!  Between the format & flow, the magical storytelling & storylines and the multifaceted characters, this story transported me to multiple times & places where I was able to live & experience my very own vampire romance through the eyes, ears, thoughts & feelings of Keira!  Being able to share & live it all as Keira made it an emotion infused adventure that had me cursing when I reached The End!  Of course it could've been a thousand pages long and I STILL would be cursing it was too short!  Yup!  I enjoyed it THAT MUCH!!  There are so many great features to this story, but I don't want to spoil any of it for you!  Just know that it is a rich, well-rounded, well-developed story with moments that will have you smiling, giggling, outright laughing, gasping, worrying, crying and so much more!!   (if you are like me and get so caught up in the story & the characters, that you can't help but think & feel just as they do!!)  One reason I love YA books so much is because of the ambiguity & romance of it all!  So many of them leave you to realize the TRUE meaning of it all, as well as the "implied HEA”! (for lack of a better term!)  It seems us adults need to have it explicitly written out for us, but YA's let your heart, magic and love create/continue the moments instead.  I sincerely hope that TC Smith has lots more vampire goodness to share because I thoroughly enjoyed everything about this debut release of hers!  Heck, with her amazing talent I am excited to read ANY and ALL of her books!!






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