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Breakout (Space Outlaw book 1) by Dominique Mondesir

Breakout (Space Outlaw book 1) by Dominique Mondesir

He has one shot--to get out, to save himself, and to protect his family.

Looking for a major payoff, Phoenix Jones will do anything to save the people he cares about.  With his brother and sister suffering in a hospital, he needs money--and fast.  But when his temper lands him in prison light years from home, everything changes.  

Now all he's ever known and loved is on the line. It's up to Phoenix to break out of jail and battle vicious aliens he never knew existed.  But can he save the only place he's ever called home before it's too late?  

If Firefly and Guardians of the Galaxy had a baby this story would be it!


I will escape.      5 HANDY FORKS


Have you lost your senses, Earth man?  You are a long way from home.  Turn your head and look outside that portal.  you are being taken to Dredar.  It is a place of no return. It is what you humans would call prison.  


Right from the start you realize that Phoenix isn't your typical "hero", I mean, come on, he's holding up a small store, for *beep* sakes!  But like most great books, you realize that everything is not as it appears, and before you know it you are halfway through the story, hanging onto every word, rooting for Phoenix and thoroughly & immensely enjoying every little bit of it!  Except the zapping...or the p..a..i... 

Well, you'll see & understand when you get to that part!  wink   I love how the story is told, the way that we don't discover all of the secrets, how Phoenix's past - recent & growing up - is still being revealed at the end, and how Dom doesn't only shy away from having a flawed character take lead, but had me rooting for and really liking Phoenix through it all!  

I think it’s safe to say that I giggled, chuckled & outright laughed just as much as I gasped, cringed, held my breath, fretted & panicked!  I may have even cried a time or two.  Dominique has that perfect blend of humor, seriousness, action, "downtime" and most every other quality & quantity that keeps the story flowing, the reader engaged, cursing when they have to put the book down for "real life" moments, and eagerly ( & impatiently) anticipating – CRAVING - the next Space Outlaw fix!  

I love how greatly & perfectly detailed everything is!  From the storylines & storytelling, the humorous dialog & descriptions that bring it all to life, to the numerous & varied species, including the "core" cast of well-developed, complex characters, and more!  

I think the author did a beautiful job with it all because it enhances, enriches and adds depth to the story without detracting from it in any way!  

I was instantly captivated, intrigued and BEYOND excited to tag along with Phoenix, to live his first space "adventure" with, through & as him, even if he does tend to speak long before he thinks!!  LOL  Dominique is one astronomically talented author who has created one helluva sci-fi series for the masses!  

This isn't one of those that is heavy on the "science" part, nor the technicalities of everything.  It is a semi-lighter, humorous, character driven story that most everyone can read & enjoy right from the start, and it only gets better & better the more you read!  “I need to know everything there is to know about Phoenix Jones.  

His journey couldn't end here. Not yet, not now.”






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