Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Hot Wings: Paranormal Dating Agency by Ophelia Bell

Hot Wings: Paranormal Dating Agency by Ophelia Bell


Pomona Maurin’s biggest dream is landing a coveted position as personal chef to the stars. She’s busted her ass and put her to-die-for recipes to the test, yet gained zero recognition for her efforts. That is, until Gerri Wilder discovers her culinary talents and knows just the “stars” who need Pomona’s skills the most. 

Ignazio Karsten and Bryer Vargas are two of the most famous celebrities on the shifter home planet, Nova Aurora. The dragon shifter duo, known regionally as “Hot Wings,” are the reigning Nova Aurora Arena League champions for several seasons running. When a vindictive opponent breaks the rules and nearly kills Bryer during their championship fight, their streak might just be at an end—and so might their careers. 

Only dedicated training and a strict diet will ensure Bryer’s return to health, and Ignazio’s recovery from a deep depression, but even that won’t guarantee the duo will make it back into the arena for the next season. They need a chef with the particular talents to fulfill their dietary needs and still satisfy their hungry dragons. 

When they set eyes on Pomona, both men know there’s only one thing on the menu for them. Will they be able to convince their new chef that they want to share more than just her cooking?(less)


This is only the start, hot stuff    5 PRECIOUS DESSERTS


I will need your talented tongues again soon.  Our tongues are at your service day or night.  For tasting, of course.  there was something about this man … both men … that just sent her mind spinning whenever she was in the same room with them.  You’re about to get your salad tossed, baby!  

HOT WINGS!  YOU’RE MAKIN’ YOUR MARK!  HOT WINGS, YOU’RE WEARING ME OUT!  HOT W..I..N..G..SSS…*ahem* Sorry!  Couldn't help channeling Rod there for a sec!  This book is PARA-PHENOMENAL!!!  I ABSO-SHIFTING-LUTELY love, Love, LOVED every delicious little morsel!  

While it definitely has the Ophelia flare to it, it is "lighter" than her usual stuff and a true treat to read, and I thoroughly & immensely adored it all the same!!  

The characters are complex & well developed - VERY well developed! wink - with these personalities that had me laughing, crying, worrying... basically feeling everything that they were feeling!  And just like every book of Ophelia's, I lived & experienced it all with, for and as the characters.  I have to say that Pomona is one helluva character whom I admired & connected with from the very start!  

It was DEFINITELY a doubly blissfully orgasmic experience to live out this story through her eyes (and other parts! wink), to feel it all with, for and as her!  

Ignazio & Bryer are two very hot Dragon Shifters who surprised me constantly!  Knowing what they do for a living, I honestly wasn't expecting them to be capable of the depth of emotion they both wore on their arms, sorry, wings!  

Although I should know better given how familiar I am and how much I love, Love, LOVE Ophelia's books!  After all, it's that immeasurable talent & natural, exceptional gift of hers that drew me in from the very beginning and keeps me drooling & begging for more!!





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