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Reaper: Faction 14 (The Isa Fae Collection) by Gwen Knight

Reaper: Faction 14 (The Isa Fae Collection) by Gwen Knight

The fae call me Reaper, my people call me Traitor… Now, they’ll both call me Rebel. 

Welcome to the city of Osvea, the shining Capitol of Sector Fourteen. Here, the fae live in luxury and the witches in destitution. Thanks to Keira. It’s always been her assigned job to reap magic from her own people and funnel their stolen power back to the fae. 

Without human magic to sustain them, the fae will waste away, and her people will be free. A dream come true. Until she meets Oren Brooke, brother of the newly appointed Lord Dask. Oren claims he can fix the city and give Keira a world where fae and human are treated alike. Except Keira doesn’t know what to believe. The fae will never see her people as anything more than a power source. Especially with Oren’s tyrannical brother leading the way. 

To save her people, Keira needs Oren’s help. But soon her dreams start to shift, and he takes on a starring role. She never expected to love a fae… Question is, can she have him and save her people?


The magic.    14 MAGICAL HEARTS


It had to be the magic.  I would never…not with a fae.  Not ever. Trusting him was one thing, but…no.  Never that.  Yet, I needed him as much as he needed me.  A tingle spread through my body.  I was lost.  I wanted this.  I wanted him.  He was fae, and I was human…  Blessed winter!!  Now this is one helluva MAGNI-FAE-CENT story!!  I was intrigued about this multi-author series from the moment I heard about it, but I squealed when I saw that Gwen was to be a part of it!  And rightfully so because this is a squeal-worthy book!!  I have read all of Gwen's books, so I know I should know better, but I cannot help but be blown away by this book!  The richness, the depth, the beautifully, perfectly lushly detailed descriptions, the story building of the overall story, just how every little detail is explained, displayed, shared, discovered.. WOW! JUST WOW!  I love, Love, LOVE EVERY SINGLE ATERN!!  There is just so much beauty, horror, magic, strength, power, friendship, betrayal, happiness, sadness, love and more, all weaving together to create this FAETASTIC story!  Add in the multifaceted characters and the story explodes to life as if by magic!  Gwen’s Author Magic!  wink  Following the story from Keira's viewpoint, I was so caught up in it, so completely transfixed, so riveted, so FAE-SCINATED by & with it all, seeing, feeling, living it all with her, that I didn't realize just how deeply involved in and transported into the story I was until I had tears streaming down my face and my heart was hurting, and then I REALLY realized that this wasn't just another story!  This was Keira’s life and I was living it all with her, AS Keira, or for her when she couldn't!!  And Lord Oren… Oh I was just as leery of him as Keira was, but let me tell you, there was definitely a part of me that wanted him to be the Dashing Hero to save us all!  All of the characters are very well-developed, to the good or the bad, but even though I felt I had a handle on who was on what side, I STILL didn’t see everything happening the way it did!  I love the little quips of various bits of trivia & information at the beginning of each chapter because it adds insight into what's going on which enhances the story, and provides information that if told in a different way could actually detract from the story.  But with the tremendously talented Fae Queen herself - AKA Gwen Knight - penning this one, you know that you NEVER have to worry about a less than magically phenomenal story!!  Which is EXACTLY why I was - still am - wholly, utterly, completely consumed - mind, body, heart, soul & atern!  Gwen had me by the heartstrings the ENTIRE TIME and I couldn’t have been any more thrilled!




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