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Taming a Jackaroo by Sidney Valentine

Taming a Jackaroo by Sidney Valentine

He wants to throw away his future. She’ll do whatever it takes to save hers… Even tame a wild Aussie cowboy.

City girl and serial non-dater, Affrica Clarke travels to Boulia, Australia, to investigate the environmental impacts of the local mining company. Unless she proves herself and wins that promotion, she’ll lose so much more than a pay rise. Yet everything goes wrong the moment she lands in the outback. With no research equipment, only skimpy clothes packed by her best friend to help her score a date, and a tight deadline to submit her report, she’s screwed. So when a sexy cowboy offers to play chauffeur, she’s all over it. But she’s there to shut down the mining activities, not fawn over the guy who’s supporting them, no matter how sizzling the attraction between them.

Billionaire jackaroo, Sam Preston tempts fate as an adrenaline junkie, living each day as if it were his last. Angry and wounded, he’s in town to sell his cattle ranch to the local mining company and be done with his past—until he meets hapless city-chick Affrica, who has no clue about surviving in the desert. Sam doesn’t know how to stop being a daredevil even though Affrica reminds him of the happiness he once had.

Can Sam let go of the past before he loses the one person who's finally breathed new life into him, or is it not possible to truly tame a jackaroo?



Damn his sexiness.   5 TAMED HEARTS


How did someone get abs that hard?  A man out of a girl’s cowboy dreams.   At your service, miss.  

What was it about her that had him captivated?  God, did she realise what she did to him?  HOLY JUMPING JACKAROO!  What an AUSSIETACULAR story!  

There are three reasons why I am flummoxed about my reactions & feelings towards this book - 1 - this is a contemporary book (I am a paranormal junkie through & through)  2 - this is the debut release for Sidney Valentine   3 - while there is heat between the characters, it's not an erotica book… But yet... I love, Love, LOVED IT TO BITS!!!  

Practically from the moment I started reading I was hooked!  I absolutely love, Love, LOVE this line and while I can’t take credit for it, I think it is a pretty accurate reflection of my feelings & reaction to this story overall - An emotional waterfall—powerful, instantaneous, and overwhelming.  

Affrica is this amazing character who has this unique blend of innocence and boldness, while Sam is sexy, he is definitely not your “typical” hero and they kept me entertained & fully engaged throughout the whole book!  In fact I couldn’t put it down and just to be sure it wasn’t a fluke, I read it twice –back to back – and loved it just as much the second time as I did the first!  Maybe even a little bit more!  

I have never been to Australia, but it has always been a dream of mine, so when I started reading this book and I realized just how Aussie & Aussie-authentic it is, I squealed!!  For the time it took to read the book, I could enjoy my very own Australia holiday like no other, complete with a sexy jackaroo!  

Sidney's exceptionally engaging & highly entertaining storytelling that's filled with humor, intrigue, secrets, heartbreak, hot thoughts, naughty moments, one feisty city girl & one sexy, moody jackaroo, I was tamed before I knew what hit me!  What's that phrase... something about saving a horse and riding a jackaroo?? wink  

This story exploded to life, transporting me to Australia, then to the Australian Outback where I eagerly, happily and enviously (okay!  I was even a wee bit jealous too!) became Affrica, living, feeling, caring, experiencing the full power of the story with, for and as her, but without having to deal with all of the bugs & that heat!  Don't believe me?  Want to know just how deeply ensconced I was in the story?  Well the best compliment I can ever give about an author's ability to transport me into their story & characters is this - I actually had a few panic/claustrophobic attacks when Affrica was caving and checking out a mine!!  (She was fine, but I couldn’t handle the feeling of being in a deep, dark cave!)  

Sidney has done more than "just" impressed me with her debut novel!  With her attention to detail, the luscious descriptions, the captivating way the story is told, the multifaceted characters that I feel like I really know, and the way that everything combines perfectly & beautifully together, it brought this story to life and took me on an adventure like no other!  The only thing missing was a Koala bear for me to hug!  wink






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