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Urban Wolf by Linda Thomas-Sundstrom & Jillian Stone

Urban Wolf by Linda Thomas-Sundstrom & Jillian Stone

Under a full moon in the big city, urban wolves face all too human conflicts with courage and heart. Two novellas capture the danger, thrills, and excitement of this red-hot shape-shifter genre, where anything is possible, including finding a soulmate and timeless love. If you love werewolf romance, you won't want to miss this limited edition anthology.



Wolf love in all its furry glory!  10 DESTINED HEARTS 


Two very different but brilliant stories by two exceptionally talented authors!!  Be prepared to be transported into a World of paranormal mayhem where strangers become friends and lovers, where secrets beg to be discovered & revealed and where Happily Ever Afters seem impossible but yet longed for all the same!  Dive into these delicious werewolf stories today, where you can expect the unexpected, all while losing your heart to two very different but oh so naughty wolves!


Wolf in the City by Linda Thomas-Sundstrom


He was a beast,   5 BLOOD BONDS


but magnificent.  the gorgeous werewolf most women would have given their eye-teeth to get into bed.  "you smell far too good, and like dessert. I always was a sucker for dessert."  this vampire possessed a truly unusual kind of porcelain beauty.  He might even have been a little turned-on.  She was a unique draw for a man who could no longer truly fit in with the world around him.   He might be a werewolf, but he still had a male’s needs.  WOW!  Talk about one helluva paranomenal story!!  I ABSO-FREAKING-LUTELY love, Love, LOVE every single little bite of it!!  I love the mix of a vampire and a werewolf at any time, but the way that Linda makes them all her own is FANG-FURRY-TASTIC!!  They truly do stand above the crowd!  And not just because they are standing on the roof of an apartment complex, either!  wink  The vampires are so different, but very intriguing.  Kit is so different, with her traits & abilities and the part that has her standing out from the other vampires… well, I can’t share that with you without leaking a spoiler, but suffice it to say I thoroughly & immensely enjoyed being her for this story!  (Although “enjoyed” seems way too tame for how I felt about her, Jared and their story!!) Then there are the werewolves.  Their abilities and traits are also unique, but in all of the most enthralling and best ways possible!  Like how they shift, when they shift, their “otherness”, and so much more that I again cannot share for fear of spoiling the surprise!  Jared had my heart from the start!  *dreamy sigh*  While this is a line from Wolf in the City by Linda, I thought it perfectly applies to her story - "a kind of seduction of the senses".  With her phenomenal talent, captivating storytelling, complex, mysterious & beguiling characters and the way I am transported into the story so deeply that I feel like I am the characters, living, experiencing, feeling their story with, for, AS them, all while seeing it all explode to life all around me, this story, like the other ones of hers that I have read, is DEFINITELY a seduction of ALL OF the senses!!!  Be careful what you wish for… is a line from the story that will NEVER apply to wishing for more of Linda's incomparable stories that suck me in so deep I feel crushed when I reach "The End"... until I start the next one!    Two species merging—one with fangs, the other with fur.  How could anything good possibly come of that?   



Wolf, Interrupted by Jillian Stone


Find your wild, Elle.     5 MATE MARKS


I feel a sin coming on.  So sex as a wolf is out of the question.  Not…completely out of the question.  Was Abelseth Durant friend or foe…or something else entirely?  Holy crikey, mother of all mothers, there really was a rabbit hole!  WOW!!  Nothing and I mean NOTHING could interrupt me once I started this story!  With her intriguingly unique style of storytelling, Jillian captured my interest, drawing me in right away.  I will admit that the British-ness of it added another much loved aspect & deeper level of enhancement to it!  The multifaceted but secretive characters, the wholly unique "magic" or abilities that the shifters have, the immediate & intense draw that Elle & Abelseth have towards each other and the way it escalates to an undeniable passion, the various Wolfen gangs, rules, hierarchy, the wolfen underworld, etc. all contributes to my captivation and fascination with Wolf, Interrupted!  Rather than exploding to life, this story softly and beautifully blossoms all around me, taking the time to give the utmost attention & details to the most important parts, letting the rest bloom & fill in the rest of the picture.  And what a picture it is!!  WOW! color me impressed!!  This is my first experience with Jillian's storytelling and will definitely NOT be the last!  Now that I have had a taste I'm hooked!  I need more - LOTS more - to even begin to satisfy my craving for this perfectly British storytelling in all of its wolf shifting glory!!  Trust me enough to let me help you.  We have a universe inside us to explore.







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