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Water's Mark: Zodiac Shifters - Cancer (Lords of Krete book 1) by Rachael Slate

Water's Mark: Zodiac Shifters - Cancer (Lords of Krete book 1) by Rachael Slate

She’s as fluid as water
Cyane of the Pegaeae, spring nymphs, can cure any disease. Imprisoned for her powers not once, but twice, she’s determined to return to her people. But that means escaping her second captor, the formidable Lord of a race of crab shifters, who has no intention of letting her go. Not until she’s healed every last one of his people—a task which will drain the last drops of her powers.

He’s as rigid as stone
Theron, leader of the Karkinos, has vowed to save his people from a brutal disease, no matter the cost. So when a scintillating nymph with the power to heal them all falls into his lap, he’ll do whatever it takes to keep her within his grasp—and far from his heart. Betrayed by those closest to him, Theron’s hardened his shell so much, no one can penetrate his armor. Not even Cyane, though that doesn’t stop her from demanding the one thing he’s sworn he’ll never give to anyone again—his trust.

Only she can crack through his shell
Unquenchable passions crash them into each other, binding their destinies, and their hearts. If they can stand together and fight the darkness claiming him from the inside out, they might find a way to save not only his people, but hers as well


His last hope.    5 MATING POOLS


This one tiny maiden was their miracle.  you’re just the nymph I was looking for.  Stroke me, if you dare.  Oh, my.  He was simply…magnificent.  Go ahead, lass.  You’re too full of light to shine into my dark world.  HOLY KRETE!!!  What a SPECTACULAR book that lorded over my heart right from the start!!  I have been thoroughly "enjoying" - which is way too tame to describe it - Rachael's Halcyon World since the very beginning and have loved every single release, eagerly & impatiently waiting for the next one, and the next one and the next...  I love how Rachael blended her phenomenal mythology stories with the Zodiac Shifters World!  In my opinion, it takes a truly extraordinarily talented author to be able to do that and Rachael not only did it beautifully, but faultlessly and impeccably as well!  Water's Mark is one cracking great story with surprises, twists & turns, secrets, romance, drool-worthy naughty moments and so much more!  With her seductively, lush descriptions and captivating storytelling, I was so fully immersed into the story I felt like I truly lived it, experiencing every little element with, for and as the characters!  It is one of those stories – and World – that is all encompassing, all consuming and I wouldn’t change that for anything!  Rachael's unparalleled talent and genuine gift for crafting the exact kind of stories that I love, Love, LOVE to read, to live, had me laughing, bawling, gasping, cursing, holding my breath, panting, swooning, from beginning to end right alongside the characters I wish I really could be!  The sassy, playful, caring, sweet nymph Cyane is one of my favourite characters in this Halcyon World!  Then there's Theron. *dreamy sigh*  He may be a very hard-headed leader of his people, and just like the crustacean he can become - which is beyond cool, by the way! - he has that tough, almost impenetrable outer layer, but when you get under that shell, he is one hot, Hot, HOT delectable morsel! snicker  Sorry Theron!  I couldn't resist! wink  Once again, Rachael has transported me back into her MYTHTASTICALLY enriched Halcyon Romance World where I NEVER want to leave!  Thankfully, it looks like Rachael and my fellow readers love it almost as much as I do, because there are more books on the horizon!!  Mythology, paranormal and romance have never looked so RACHELICIOUSLY enchanting!!  Only Rachael Slate could leave her Water's Mark on my bookshelf and heart!





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