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Fiona Steele


Get all 5 books in the BBW Shifter Paranormal Romance series!

The Guardian has it all figured out . . . 

Lone wolf Logan Guthrie put his wild days behind him and stepped into the role of Guardian for the Dark Legacy pack. Everything’s under control. That is, until he meets a redhead whose curvy body packs a wallop of sex appeal he can’t resist. 

Until he meets her. 

Molly McKee was happy until her world fell apart. Now she’s trying to piece together the clues about her past she hopes will lead her to her family – her real family. But the first stop on her quest lands her in a dark alley with a dead body at her feet. Alone in the world and hunted by vengeful vampires, Molly is forced to trust the gorgeous shifter who promises to protect her. 

What she hides within could be deadly. 

Their mind-blowing encounter sends Molly to a place that’s out of control. Can Logan bring her back? Will saving her cost him everything? 

Thoughts by Cherri-Anne

Dark Legacy Pack: The Complete Series by Fiona Steele

 5 Stars 

And what a LEGACY it is!!!  


I had the pleasure of reading all of these in serial form as they were released, but I absolutely love that this was released as a collection!  All in all, this is a terrific story that is very addicting, entertaining, unique and very beautiful & well written!  I love this entire series!  Fiona is one exceptionally talented & gifted author whom will always remain on my “to read” list!  Here are my reviews for each of the books as I read them:


Book 1: Flight review:  GREAT START!  

5 Stars 


I got hooked into this book right from the start and am eager to read the rest of the parts to this serial!  Considering that this is Fiona’s first book (as far as I can see), it is very well written, which is not always the case.  I thought it quite ingenious and a great concept and storyline.  Lots of characters, but not so many you can’t keep track of them.  Of course having the different “species” only helps to make it that much more rich and interesting.  There is a lot of depth to the story along with the twists & turns and mystery that grabs you and holds your attention.  I can’t wait to see how this fast paced story is going to play out!  All in all, this is one helluva terrific paranormal story that is very much worth reading…over & over…


Book 2: Haven review:  OH SO VERY AWESOME!   

 5 stars


EEEK!  I LOVED this second part…up until the (lack of) ending, that is!  Now you know why serials are not my favorite thing!  Unless I am reading them after they have all been released that is! LOL  There is a great fast pace to the story unfolding, but it doesn’t leave anything out, skip things, or jump all over the place.  It has a perfectly flowing storyline that I can’t wait to find out all of its secrets! I love all the hints, twists, turns, snags, etc.  They certainly do add up to hook you quickly!  I actually love Molly and how she is dealing with everything going on.  Still trying to figure out Logan, but so far I love him!  He has that hotter-than-hell hero vibe going on that makes panties melt off!  I cannot wait to read the remaining parts to find out all of the answers to my questions and how this mystery was solved, or that one, and all of the thoughts & moments that made me gasp, hmmm… or had me thinking furiously to see what was going on!  I can certainly give this serial the credit it deserves because it is able to do all of that and more in a much shorter format.  There is certainly enough bang for your book involved within these pages.  I liked how everything that happens, or doesn’t happen, said vs. not said, etc. is all done with a purpose.  There is no “useless” filler to make a word count or to just fill pages up.  Everything has this feeling to it that it is all potentially going to be an earth shattering moment…once you get to the end and see how everything falls into place.  At least that is what I think is going to happen!  I will let you know when I get there!


Book 3: Secrets review:  “You know what this is like, don’t you?”

   5 stars


He shook his head.  “Here’s a hint:  All I need is a red cloak and basket”.  He growled softly.  HOLY HOWLING WOLVES BATMAN!!!  This story has taken turns I would NEVER have thought of, expected nor would I have thought it could ever be THIS amazing even IF before I started this serial, you had managed to convince me that this is how the storyline would go.  I am 100% addicted and NEED to read the last 2 parts before I implode!  YES!  It is THAT fangtastic and hot and scary and mystery on top of mystery on top of sexy mixed with HOT and oh so much more!  Such a great storyline!  Deep where it needs to be, humor in the right places, or in the places you would think would be misplaced but it works!  Very well actually!  I cannot wait to uncover all of the mysteries and see where this is all going to end, because unfortunately, it will have to end…sigh.  This is one serial that I am completely in love with and I hope that Fiona plans to write a LOT more books!  She is a terrific author who is capable of writing a deep, funny, sexy story that hooks you from the very start and presumably will not let you go until it is long over!  There are a lot of great qualities in both the storyline and in Fiona’s talented writing skills that has me going all fan girl and wanting MORE to read!! NOW!


Book 4: Choices review:  He had a job to do and a mate to save.

  5 stars


There was no line he wouldn’t cross to keep her, his mate, safe  OH MY WORD!!  What an amazing part to this whole story!!!  I cannot believe the twists and turns going on in here!  I don't think there is a GPS smart enough to track the road that Molly has taken and the one still to come!  I love that this story flips back and forth between Molly & Logan's side of things.  Not a 'true' point of view since it is not told from 'I did this' standpoint, but from the point of view that lets us get the thoughts and histories told from them.  Not sure that explains it 'properly' but when you read this series/serial, you will see what I mean.  I was so surprised how things played out in this part!  Never mind Molly having questions!  I have quite a few myself, however the all-important question would be the one most easily answered by me.  Not sure what...ooops!  Almost let slip a spoiler there!  snicker  Read it for yourself and see if you agree with me!  Fiona certainly has an abundance of talent that I hope will translate to a ton of more paranormal books for me…I mean, for US, to read for years to come!


Book 5: Forever review:  The Guardian has it all figured out…    

5 stars


Funny that everything seemed to be set up to give them the choice, not her.  WHEW!  What an amazing finale to an equally amazing story!  I love Fiona’s writing style and how this story played out and how & when she revealed the bits & pieces of this FANTASTICAL adventure she took us on!  WOOF!  I was a little, okay, a LOT surprised with how things played out in this part!  It certainly is not ANYTHING I expected, which is FANTASTIC!!  It means that Fiona has a great thing going here and I sincerely hope that there is a LOT more paranormal to come from her!  If I can get sucked into a story quickly, feel, sympathize, root for and cry both with & for the characters (especially in a serial or short story format) as well as be intrigued and impressed with the originality, uniqueness and the authors (Fiona) ability to be able to take a popular subject (wolf shifters) and make it all her own, then THAT is something worth keeping and one that I can NEVER get enough of!!  So buy these stories, read them, review them - especially if you love them as much as me - and spread the word!  THAT is THE best way to help guarantee that there will be more books to come from Fiona!!




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