Thursday, June 4, 2015

A.E. Grace

Love of a Tiger by A.E. Grace
He claimed her as only a tiger can…
*BBW Tiger Shifter Romance, standalone, full-length, with a happy ending.*
Curvy Anastasia is caught off guard when her hunt for illegal ivory poachers leads her to Caleb, a dangerous, wild, and sexy tiger shifter. He’s got a body that takes her breath away, and dark, hungry eyes that devour her at every opportunity.
When she learns he shares her passion for animal conservation, and that he’s hunting the same poachers she is, Anastasia begins to question if their chance meeting was actually... fate?
Caleb is a hunter: No distractions, no attachments! He’s never wanted a mate... until he meets Anastasia. She’s a gorgeous snow leopard shifter, stunning and headstrong, and she leaves his senses reeling. He loves her curvy body, and he knows he must do everything in his power to make her his own, to claim her as his mate!
But the vicious poachers would gladly add a snow leopard and tiger pelt to their trophy walls. Can Caleb and Anastasia navigate their budding love while on the hunt, or will it be a distraction that gets them killed?
Thoughts by Cherri-Anne
My rating = 5 stars
What a PURRRfectly CATivating TAIL!!!  
This being my first story of A.E.'s in this series, I wasn't quite sure what to expect.  Well beyond the product description of a tiger shifter & a snow leopard shifter's story, of course!  I very VERY much enjoyed To Love a Tiger!  Even though it is a shapeshifter story, which as we all know is very popular, almost 'commonplace' if you will, A.E. has made this one all her own and made it any & EVERYthing BUT “commonplace”!  I was blown away with the explanations & the reasons why they are 'shape shifters' as oppose to just your average 'shifters'!!  This is such an original, unique and enthralling story that had me hooked from start to end!  She has given her 2 cats a lot of unique qualities and with the concept of them either being almost extinct or already the last of their big cats species, it is both very fascinating and heartbreakingly sad.  The fact that there is a lot of truth to her story on the abilities, behaviours, capabilities and even instincts makes you stop and think for a moment or three on how it would actually feel to be one of these beautiful creatures - of any species, not just the big cats - and be nearing extinction!  Certainly made me feel what you would imagine a species might just be thinking when they no longer have a pack or herd to be with, when they can no longer find a mate...that is the heartbreak side of it.  The only part I felt was a little 'odd' was the way in which this story is told.  It is a mix of story, interview and what seems to be a narrative of sorts told in first person that sets up the scenes, so to speak..  It took a bit to get used to, but it did NOT take away from the charm, beauty or awesomeness of the story!  In fact, once I figured it out/caught on to what was going on, I actually felt that it helped make this story be the special, unique & smoking hot story that it is!  I even went back and read it over again and WOW!  It was even better the second time!  I can’t wait to get all of this series (and all the other books that are related) and then read them all one after the other in the “correct” reading order!  I bet that it will be FANGTASTIC!!!  Truth be told, after finishing this story and feeling the passion and compassion with which this was written, well I can only conclude that A.E. Grace is in fact Anastasia the Snow Leopard shape shifter! I mean come on - in Anastasia?!?  Am I the ONLY one making this connection?!? LOL  I guess this shows just how much I enjoyed this story!  It also proves that A.E. is one very talented & entertaining author and I am quite eager to read the rest of this series, as well as every other paranormal story & series that she has!  Published or yet-to-be, I am looking forward to them all!
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