Monday, June 1, 2015

Terry Bolryder

Alpha Hero by Terry Bolryder

Jordan Vale can’t believe he’s been assigned a PR coach. As a mixed martial artist who also happens to be a wolf shifter, Jordan wants nothing more than to train alone and defend his record. The last thing he needs is a forced break and some suit following him around insisting he mind his manners. But when he meets curvy Senna Christy, the wolf in him takes immediate notice. And not just because she’s smokin’ hot. Senna is hiding a secret, and without Jordan’s help, she might be in real danger.

Senna Christy has seen a lot of difficult clients, but she expects Jordan Vale to be the worst yet. With his tall physique and cold, intimidating gaze, Jordan is as well known for being undefeated as he is for being surly and unpleasant to work with. But the Jordan Senna meets is different than she expected. And even though Senna knows she can’t afford to get involved long-term with a fighter, she can’t seem to fight the intense attraction she feels when he’s near.

But as secrets unfold and one forbidden kiss turns into so much more, Jordan and Senna can’t help falling into a hot affair that neither wants to admit might be more than a fling that ends when their work is over. But with mysterious forces threatening Senna, if the two aren’t willing to play for keeps, they might lose each other forever.

Thoughts by Cherri-Anne

5 stars

She fainted on the spot.    

Shit.  Not the response he was going for.  HOLEY HOTNESS BATMAN!!  WOW!  I don't even know where to start!  This is by far and away THE BEST EVER book by Terry that I have read so far!  I have read a few of Terry's books and I have loved every. single. one.  But this one?  The Alpha Hero?  It is the most intense, the hottest, the most FURRIFIC book of Terry's so far FANGS DOWN!!  I can't even explain to you why because I can't even explain it to ME!  It just has this raw, emotional, powerful vibe to it that held me imprisoned in its paws right from the very start!  (Jordan could keep me imprisoned in his paws any time! *naughty grin & wink*  OW!  Senna!  I was kidding!  Well sorta!  OWWW!  You know it will never happen and a girl can dream can she not!?) I mean what’s not to love??  This book has it all – humor - Social lubricant,  snicker -, Shifters, HOT HOT HOT bedroom action (although it is not limited to 'just' the bedroom!) suspense, mystery, and that is just a taste of all of the yumminess that is Alpha Hero!  There are so many bits, pieces & parts I want to tell you about to help explain just why I love Love LOVE this book but a) there are too many to share and b) I don't want to ruin it either!  I fell for Jordan right away, who wouldn't?!?  He is all sexy, muscled, mysterious, tough guy persona and ALLLLLL ALPHA!!  He definitely makes me howl!  *naughty grin*  (OW!  Geez Senna!  CHILL!  Sheesh!  Possessive much?)  WHEW!  Jordan has me all worn out!  Lucky Senna!  I love the Shifter parts in this one!  I love it when the 'animals' are given personalities, a voice and the chance to show it!  In my opinion, this is Terry's best book so far!  Of course, like I said, I have read only about 6 of her books already, but they are all her latest & greatest ones.  All I can add is that I cannot wait for more from Terry, particularly in this series!  I am not a fan of MMA, but these are just such terrific books!  Luckily I have her previous books to read while I am waiting!

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