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Claire Ryann

Lion In Wait (Sierra Moon Shifters: Book Four) by Claire Ryann


The injustice of the whole miserable circumstance hit him. The last thing he would ever want for Becka would be to pass this curse on to her.

Travis was looking forward to meeting that special someone. Settling down, raising a family, and living happily ever after. Some day. 

A short fling before starting out on a late season hike leaves him with a nasty bite scar and some pretty vivid dreams. By the time he comes to terms with the fact that he's not dreaming, he's already made enemies of the only other shifters he knows about-- a pack of wolves secretly living in the Sierra Nevada mountains. 

When he meets a friendly bear shifter who fills in some of the blanks on what's happening to him, Travis resigns himself to a life alone: Mountain Lions are notorious for their one night stand behavior and he's determined not to pass along his shifter curse. 

Naturally this would be when he finds the one woman he sees himself spending his life with, a forest ranger exiled to a tiny cabin for a winter job of recording snow pack for the season. 

He can't stay with her, can't give in to the new instincts within him that scream to Turn her and take her as his mate. Can't risk doing that to her knowing that the cougar roaring within him is bound by a nature that will only force him to move on once he's spread his seed. Leaving her to deal with this burden alone... 

Like he'd been left to do. 

Although this book, Lion in Wait, contains a complete story and can be enjoyed as a stand alone novella, the author recommends reading the entire Sierra Moon series from the beginning for the best experience: 

Quest of the Alpha: Sierra Moon Book One 
Return of the Pack: Sierra Moon Book Two 
Mated for Life: Sierra Moon Book Three


Thoughts by Cherri-Anne

My rating = 5 GOLD PAWS


Mmm hmmm...OK now. OK with Travis kitty...  


Now that's the kind of animal I'm looking to attract,  HOOOOOWL!  whoooooooot wheeeeeeeeeew! (I never could wolf whistle!)  What a PUURRRFECTLY ROARSOME story!!  This book is so packed full of shifters, romance, turmoil, hotness, curses, acceptance, and well, PAWESOMENESS that it held me CATIVATED from the very start, as has this entire series!!  I don't even know how to begin to tell you about it, so I will start at my beginning - The first story I ever read of Claire's was Quest of the Alpha (Sierra Moon Shifters: Book One) and I have been an avid fan ever since.  (Even going as far as to beg to read the next part as soon as I finished the one before it!  I tried for even quicker, but alas, I did have to wait for it to be written.  sigh)  Even though I wasn't at the time, I am glad that we didn't know more about that oddity of a cougar that kept popping up in the first 3 parts of this Sierra Moon Shifters series because it made this story that much more SHIFTACULAR!  I actually think it is freaking genius of Claire to have done it this way because all those little glimpses and teases had me so curious and left me wondering just what his story was!  But no matter what I dreamt up, I NEVER thought the story would be this hilarious, this entertaining, this full of love, confusion, heartbreak, friendships, wonder, etc. and just so FURRY, FURRY COUGARIFIC!  Or is that LIONTASTIC?!!  HELLYA!  It's all of that and more!  The thought processes that Travis went through about becoming a shifter, how it works, etc. had me crying with laughter!  I wanted to share my favorite LION with you, but I didn't want to give you any CLAWS for concern about me letting slip a spoiler or 3!  I try to NEVER do that!  I ABSO-PUMA-LUTELY LOVE the history of the shifters, how they came to be, how they get their powers, so to speak and how that all relates to today's new shifters.  Very original, insightful and way beyond SHIFTASTIC!  Claire did a FANGTASTIC job in making these shifters all her own, and that's no lion!!  Essentially, this all CATAMOUNTS to one helluva LIONTASTIC story of MOUNTAIN proportions that is written by a FURNOMENALLY talented author who has me loving each and every single one of her books as well as drooling for more!  I am beyond ecstatic to find out that she has more stories to share of these Sierra Moon shifters and cannot wait for the next one to arrive.  And the next one...and the next one...  All PUMAS fully intended!    (Note: Wondering on some of my words or phrases?  Take a wiki peek at mountain lions and then it will all become clear.)  :-)





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