Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Roxie Noir

A Bear’s Nemesis (Shifter Country Bears #2) by Roxie Noir


Quinn Taylor has hated shifters for as long as she can remember. After all, her parents lead the world's most prominent anti-shifter group. Now they’re taking Quinn to protest marriage rights in Cascadia, the shifter state. 

Julius Bloom is grizzly shifter and lawyer, mated to the sexy mechanic Hudson Trager. For months Julius has been at the helm of the trial that will determine whether triad marriage is legal - not that the two men have had time to find a woman to complete their own triad. 

The morning of the trial is the worst possible time to find the perfect woman - one they can't resist. Of course, the curvy, gorgeous brunette happens to also be holding an anti-shifter sign outside the courthouse. 

When they lock eyes, Julius feels something stir deep within, just as gunshots ring out. He doesn't think twice. He’ll protect her at any price. 

Quinn feels inescapably drawn to the two sexy, dangerous shifters, despite everything she's been taught. When she overhears a plot by her parents to assassinate Julius, she'll do whatever it takes to stop it. 

Will it be enough, or were Quinn, Julius, and Hudson never fated to be together? 

A Bear’s Nemesis is a red-hot, thrilling romance with two men who can’t resist each other, fated mates who risk everything, and tons of spice!


Thoughts by Cherri-Anne

My rating = 5 PAWS UP


"This is the strangest thing,” she said. “You’re bears."   


they both wrapped Quinn in bear hugs. Literally…  WHEW!  What an intensely sweet story!!  I ABSO-FURRY-LUTELY LOVED IT!!  Quinn is one PAWMAZING (and LUCKY!) girl!  Having not one, but TWO BEARY sexy, caring and lovable mates (don't forget hot!) has me beyond envious!  Of course, she did end up with parents that were crazy, so maybe the Universe, Fate or Destiny was making up for that.  I felt like I either was holding my breath and gripping my tablet so tight I thought it would break with the tension & situations, or I was panting and drooling and gripping my tablet so tight I thought it would break because of the passion & situations!  And that lasted throughout the entire story!  Oh, and throw in some laughter, gasps and tears too, for good measure!  I OH SO BEARY MUCH LOVE THIS STORY & SERIES!!  I loved the first book in the series - A Bear's Protection - a LOT so I was overjoyed that not only was Roxie writing more books in this series for me to read & love!!  Roxie certainly has a way with words!  She gives such life into her stories via her PAWESOME characters, their surroundings & situations as well as a GRRRREAT fast paced storyline!  Add in the way that everything is so PAWFECTLY described and you get a FANTASTICALLY rich, deep and darkish story that pulls you in for one helluva a bear hug or fur!  I love when the animal sides, in this case bears, get their own personalities.  It adds this FURLICIOUS quality that is just the cat’s meow!  Or should I say, the bear's growl!  All in all I am completely head over paws in love with these Shifter Country Bears as well as their creator Roxie!  She has this FURTABULOUS talent that has me living the stories with and AS the characters, cheering for them and crying happy tears when they get their HAPPILY FUREVER AFTER! 





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