Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Roxie Noir

A Bear’s Mercy (Shifter Country Bears #3) by Roxie Noir


Charlotte “Charlie” Mullins doesn’t mind putting herself in danger. She’s actually volunteered to hunt down Kade Lessing, a feral alpha bear who might be attacking and killing wolf shifters in Cascadia. Charlie’s not scared of the big bad bear, though maybe she should be... 

Kade Lessing isn’t really feral, though sometimes he wishes he were. God knows he’d be less tormented, and it would make things a little easier on him and his mate Daniel. When Kade hears a woman scream in the forest, he runs to the aid of a total stranger. 

With one glance at the curvy, tomboyish girl left bleeding on the ground, he knows instantly that he’d do anything to save her - including fighting off the wolves who attacked her. When Kade carries her back to the cabin, Daniel feels exactly the same way. 

They’ve saved her life, but can Charlie tell them the truth - that she was on a mission to take down Kade? Can their triad bond survive a battle between wolves, bears, and humans, or is their fated love doomed to fall apart? 

A Bear’s Mercy is a steamy standalone novella about two rugged shifters in love and the woman they can’t help but claim as their own. Take off your sweaters, because things are about to heat up.


My rating = 5 GOLD PAWS UP


"Do you want me to stay?”    


“Yes”  “Me too” “Okay.  Close the door.”  WHOA!!  WHAT A SHIFTASTROPHE!!  Not the story, but what these poor people have - and still are - going through!  I lost track of just how many times I had heart wrenching tears rolling down my face because of, or for, Kade, Daniel and/or Charlie!  No one should have to go through so much!  I couldn't decide if I wanted to comfort them with BEAR hugs or do naughty things with them to distract them and let them FEEL that life can be good sometimes too!  Then I thought to myself why does it have to be 'or' when it could be 'and'.  *naughty grin*  While this story was more serious & darker than the previous two, it still had humor, hot stuff, bad stuff, friendships, mates, enemies and everything else that turns an 'okay' book into the one helluva FURTASTIC, PAWESOME and IMPAWSSIBLE-to-put-down-book that this one is!!  The concept of two guys far removed from civilization, in more ways than one, trying to remember how to chat, let alone carry on conversations while also trying to figure out just why they are wanting to help her heal, why they want to protect her from any & everything that might want to harm her, makes for one UPROARIOUSLY SHIFTACULAR story that I could not put down!!  With her FURNOMENAL talent, Roxie has created one UNBEARLIEVABLY FURLICIOUS Shifter series that has me hooked in its claws from the BEARY start to the BEARY end!  I hope that Roxie has plans to write a bearillion stories in this series!  I think even then I would still want more!  That is how much I have enjoyed both this series as well as Roxie’s FURTASTICALLY genuine gift for crafting these BEARTASTIC books!





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